Giving yourself outs. 

17 Aug

On the radio today I heard a guy talking about why he couldnt give up smoking. He said that he had tried many times but just didn’t have the will power.  It got me thinking he was giving himself an out for failing. 

In some ways we all do this. I didnt get that job for xyz reasons. They are just outs obsuring us from the real reason why a certain thing didnt happen that we dont want to face up to. So that when we fail we can blame the out. 

I was thinking that in a lot of ways disabilty can be used as an out. Sure with diabilty it can be a legitimate out for not doing something.  I havr no legs so i cant climb a ladder. Is a legitimate out. 

I do it my self some times i use my disability as an out for not doing rhings thar i know im perfectly capable of doing but dont feel like it that day or a more common thing for me is that im too afraid. So I use my didiabilty as an out.  

It really annoys me when perfectly capable people use outs for no good reason. Im sure they think its a good reason. The guy on the radio and his lacking will power reason. Its an out for failing before you have even failed. 

I dont really know how to word what I’m thinking.  To me its a predermined outcome in one of two ways if you try and then fail the out is there to mask why u really failed

Or the out can stop u from teying anything that you know your going to fail at. So a person would only end up doing things they are good at or if they feel like they are good at nothing they’lljust sit around and turn into a blob. 

Instead of having outs we should acknowledge our strengths and weakness. I come from a long line of short people so i acknowledge that basketball isnt something that is going to come easy to me. If i want to be a basketballer then I’ll have to acknowledge that weakness. If i wanted to play basketball i could use my families short stature as an out. Insteas i could focus on my small size being an advantage . 

Its all in how we see life. Do we use outs to avoid living life and pushing ourselves . Instead we can get rid of outs and rise to the challenge.  


Life isnt always Black and White

5 Aug

There is a new platform called Steemit. that I though I would start to post on so that I would be able to have a bigger social media presence.

Its always hard to find a way to introduce my self. I’m such a complex person who has had a lot of experiences in life. Which if I said one thing might prejudice some people but if I said something else it might prejudice others against me.

I feel that in today’s society we are gravitating to the extremes of left and right. Its why I called my channel graymatters for two reasons it a play on my name and also because the center the gray area between the two extremes matters.

I started life as a Mormon. I sort of got board of that in the late 1990’s.I still kept going hoping things would get better. I also dont like to ditch things that I have put a lot of time and effort into . I am an optimistic person so I stick with it hoping that things will eventually get better. I have had to many experiences to ditch Mormonism.
I have a gift that I will not go into at this time. while researching how to control this gift I got involved with Gnosticism. But when I heard that the leader was getting his info from a demon I dropped that but kept exploring on my own. They taught that on;y one person at a time could be on the road to enlightenment. The leader was given this info by a demon he was quite open that he was a demon but he told the leader that he’d decide to renounce Satan and follow God. but a lot of what they taught was contrary to the gospel.

I found that the experiences that I had made the gospel be more alive and more real. I know that there is a spirit world. I have been there. I also know that demons and the adversary are real I have battled with some of them.

I want to hedge my bets so I still consider myself an Atypical Mormon. I go to church most weeks. I am slightly left of center. I believe that both sides of the political spectrum have some useful attributes that I can incorporate into my life. My experiences give me a unique outlook on life. I feel that I have a story to tell that some others might be interested in.

Collectivism vs Individualism 

9 Jul

It occured to me the other day that most global problems can be divided between either collectivism or insividualism. Maybe its a long bow to draw but this dichotomy could come down to the difference between Catholicisism and Protestantism. One empathizes collectivism the other individuals. Superficially it seems that those countries that were Catholic the longest are those that embraced communism and democratic socialism.  Those that were predominantly protestant became predominantly fascist or democratic capitalists.

China however is a different example. Confucius empathized the importance of the state which parrels what is taught by communism. 

Until this conflict can be understood there can be no way of solving the problems present in todays societies. At least a balance needs to be reached between the two extremes of the spectrum.  

Research funding plea

26 Jun

This will the transcript for a future video that I I will make to request money for my research activities. I have been thinking about how to go about this for a while. upon waking this morning the words just came to me. I need to write them down before I forget them.
I’ll use a crowd funding site like gofund me or indiegogo.

Hi I’m Dave (picture of Me) and I love this book( picture of the Book of Mormon.) The words of this book  were taken from metal plates (picture of plates) There are numerous witness that attest to the reality of the plates. ( picture of witness holding plates). Were they a 19th century pious fraud as some propose(Pic). Were they from the american heartland as others propose. (Pic) were they form Mesoaamerica as most propose. (pic) were they from South America as others propose(Pic) or were they from somewhere else in the world as a few propose.
Until now there was no way to really know the answer to where the plates came from.

There is an artifact in the church history museum that can possibly answer the question of where the plates came from.(Pic)

The Joseph Smith lap desk was used for a time as the place where Joseph stored the plates after translating from them each day(pic). The curator of the Church history museum has given me preliminary permission to examine the artifact.

It is possible that micro-flakes from the plates that were in Josephs possession at the time are embedded in the wood of the artifact. (pic)

I would organise to get a 3D laser scan of the artifact as there elements that can be detected that can be missed by the naked eye. (Pic)

To test this I would X-ray, CT scan and MRI the artifact looking for metallic evidence on the artifact(pic).I would perform a rubbing ( Indiana Jones pic)of the inside bottom of the artifact to see if the weight of the plates crushed the wood fibers and left a noticeable impression  Its possible that due to the length of time since the plates were in there that nothing will be found.

However if metallic micro-flakes  are found then we could move on to further examination. Samples would be taken and tested in a spectrometer. each metal has a unique spectrographic signature(pic) . This signature can be used to pinpoint where in the world the metal came from. (pic)

All this testing cost money I would love to have the money to do this without asking anyone else as  the testing could end up not giving any conclusive answers(dollarpic).

I dont have the money or the means to do the testing myself so I am asking for your help to fund this project. If the artifact tests positive for metallic residue then the implications would be immense. however the main reason to do this and help fund my project is to help forward the work of the Lord rather than seeking personal glory( pic of the Lord).

So please fund my project so we can achieve something great.



Revelation 12. Decoded Debunked.

16 Jun

I have an email newsletter called prophecy news week that gets sent to me periodically.  Lately they have been proposing that the women mentioned in Revelation  12 is a unique alignment of astronomy.  At first I thought it was pretty cool and would make a great sign heralding the latter days.

I love astronomy and astrology.  So I looked into it.

There interpretation is that on September 23 2017. There will be a unique coming together of features to create this sign. Of Revelation 12. A women  (Virgo ) gives birth to a child (Jupiter )has the sun i  her hand and the moon at her feet and has a crown of twelve stars (stars of Leo , plus Mercury, Venus and Mars)

How unique is this arrangement. Not as unique as I first thought I currently use the astronomy program Stellarium.

Here’s what I found

1 September is the Month of Virgo .

2. The sun will be in Virgo every year at this time .

3. The moon passes by the feet of Virgo every year.

4. It takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun . Due to the shape of the constellations it is in some longer than others. It happens to be in Virgo for 9 months . Which does line up with Revelation 12 say the women was pregnant and gave birth. But it happens every twelve years so not really unique.

5. Leo as the  crown. Stellarium list there being 9 main stars in the constellation of Leo,but other astronomy programs and skymaps give give 10 and 11 stars in Leo. If you then add the 3 planets simple maths gives u more than 12 stars in the crown.

6 Mercury, Venus and Mars all orbit close to the sun so were the sun is  they will be relatively close by.

7 The constellation of Virgo on that day will be on the horizon. So most of the aspects listed above will be block by the brightness of the setting sun. Its only if you know what  to look for that you’d be able to see the so called great sign.

There is nothing special about the sign I think that its being used as away to drum up fear by people who make money off of scaring people that the Lord will be coming soon.

Micheal Hieser has a different view on what Revelation 12 means.

The traditional view of this Chapter is that it is symbolic That the women represents  Israel and that the child that is born is either Jesus or the church.

I hope this has clarified what this chapter means and that people are more informed.

Make a choice

29 Apr

Its time to make a choice the world is at a critical tipping point. The choice we can make is to take a stand or run for the hills. But which ever choice we make we  will need others to join us.

Any time the ruling class gets an inkling that we the people might unify on a higher ideal, join forces in the face of an existential threat (like the prospect of thermonuclear war) you’ll always see them start sowing the seeds of division, triggering artificial group identities, pitting you against each other over trivia.

Once in play, the temptation to join a side is overwhelming, and very few resist.

Divide and conquer is an applied science. They know exactly how to ring your bell, and they’ll go out of their way to promote any narrative that adds to the hate.

If they succeed, the result is always the same. Resistance is dissipated, drowned out by the roar of petty squabbles, while war machine advances. This is our first enemy, and it must be attacked head on.

The path to war is always paved with crowd psychology. Those who don’t understand this science, are easy to manipulate. Activists who ignore, or who are fail to work within its laws, are rendered ineffective, or worse, utilized as pawns.

They don’t teach you about this stuff in school (for obvious reasons). This is the science of power, the psychology of control. An informed populous would recognize their tactics, neutralizing the effect. They would also have the tools to strike back, turn the tables, and fundamentally restructure the system. The status quo would be destroyed.

The stakes are far too high to play it safe now, and we don’t have much time, so we’re going to break this down from the, 30,000 foot view.

The only way to stop a war, when you have a government which is fully in the pocket of the military industrial complex, is to reach the mind behind the trigger. Break the chain of obedience. A contingent of the police and military must turn.

This is easier said than done, and most who try sabotage themselves in the first few words. They fail to understand the group identities they are working with.

Soldiers are conditioned to obey. They are regimented using extremely efficient authority and conformity structures, and have a very strong, and inflexible group identity (if you don’t know what I’m referring to here talk to a Marine). They are typically the last element of society to flirt with disobedience or insurrection. They only turn if a large enough civilian contingent that they identify with pressures them to.

In the United States, military personnel overwhelmingly identify as conservative. Therefore U.S. soldiers would only consider disobeying a direct order, or pointing their guns in a different direction if enough conservatives turn, and only if the call to turn is delivered in language that they resonate with.

You could field a crowd of 20 million progressives and it wouldn’t even register. The conservative world view frames the left as the out-group (just like the left views them), and any message that is can be framed as coming from the enemy camp is automatically rejected out of hand.

Conservatives tend to be older, more established, with little appetite for catastrophic change, and right now the man they voted for is in power.

The spark insurrection almost always begin with people who are young enough to still have hope, and crazy enough to actually do something about it. This demographic also tends to lean left.

To further complicate matters these two group identities have grown farther and farther apart in recent years, and have even diverged linguistically.

The only way to inspire a break in the chain of obedience is to build a coalition that is able to work with, and ultimately steal market share from both of these identities, galvanizing them in opposition to a common threat (like thermonuclear war), and defining an identity against a new out-group, the madmen and useful idiots pulling us towards it (aka the neoliberal, neocon corporate alliance).

“You mean I’d have to cozy up with a bunch of leftist loon tards?”

“Ewwww… I don’t even want to be in a room with these mysoginist biggots.”

We get it. You hate each other. “They” are not us. They’re the out-group. They’re a hostile tribe that you’re being forced to share a territory with.

But then something horrific happens. An event that sends shockwaves through the culture. Leaving deep psychological scars.

At that moment petty disagreements will be set aside. The political and media establishment will rally the masses towards their “solution”: war.

You might hate each other now, but in times of war you’ll unify behind a flag. The out-group will be redefined in geopolitical terms, and most will fall for it.

A new found sense of patriotism will wash over the nation, like alcohol to cover the fear, and the executive will be elevated to god like status. Daddy is going to take care of you now. All you have to do is obey.

And then, laws like the Patriot Act, and the NDAA, on the books for years, but never fully implemented, will suddenly become terrifyingly relevant. There will be absolutely no restraints on power.

In such times group identity can be reshaped, rendered more obedient. Those who speak out will be branded un-American, or worse. Exposing government lies will become an act of treason. Examples will be made to set the tone. The rest will either cower in submission, or flee, and we’ll all be reminded of the saying “War is the health of the state.”

If they win… then they get to reset the system, wipe 20 trillion dollars of debt off the board, blame the collapsing stock bond and derrivative bubbles on external boogie man, and have a controlling stake in the next global financial system.

But this isn’t going to go according to plan and once a certain line is crossed there will be know “undo” option.

Wouldn’t it be better to come to terms with the stakes (as terrifying as they may be) and unify ourselves on something worthwhile, a common ground that any sane human being can agree on rather than let them have their way with us? Could we agree to unify just long enough to stop world war 3? Could we NOT learn this lesson the hard way.

A lot of you have already been feeling scared. These emotions are normal, and as the show progresses you’ll have more and more company, but it’s not going to help us here.

When afraid, our brains work much less efficiently. The rational, introspective areas shut down and decisions are reduced to fight, flight or freeze. Those in power always take advantage of this principle and use it to herd the population towards their goal.

Rather than join the stampede, take a deep breath. Reflect on the inevitability of death. Let go. Look at the big picture: the world we’re leaving for our children, grand children and beyond.

We have to do something, and it’s not the thought that counts. Results matter. They really, really matter.

But how can we reach the mind behind the trigger when we’re up against the most sophisticated propaganda apparatus human kind has ever faced?

We don’t have multi-million dollar budgets, or the infrastructure and staff that such money can buy. Most of us are stretched to the limit, struggling to keep our heads above water. We don’t have the means of setting up a large centralized organization capable of challenging the machine on its own terms. And even if we did, such an such an approach wouldn’t work. The house always wins.

When the odds are stacked against us, and failure is not an option, we must formulate an asymmetrical response.

As strong as the enemy may seem, the establishment has a vulnerability. In fact they have an entire web of vulnerabilities. The official narratives on a whole host of serious issues, foreign and domestic are built on deliberate and orchestrated lies; lies that cover crimes so horrific, that most of the population couldn’t even fathom the possibility.

Many of these lies can be debunked by using publicly available evidence, and this is an essential part of the battle, but at this stage of the game that’s not going to be enough. The floodgates need to be opened.

Here we have to walk a very fine line. Some of what needs to be done will be dangerous. Some will straddle thin lines of legality or cross it explicitly. It’s not up to me, or anyone else to tell you how to handle that line. Each of us must chose our level of involvement. However as this situation progresses there will come a moment when it becomes clear that risks must be taken, sacrifices must be made, the laws of man superseded by a higher mandate.


Some of you listening are positioned deep within the machine. You work among the gears. You have access to tools, and documents that the public doesn’t know about and you could get deeper access if you really tried.

For some of you, monitoring this message might be part of your job description right now. Alphabet Soup. I’m going to speak to you directly here.

You and I both know why Trump flipped. We all know Trump isn’t running the show. He’s dirty, and somebody got the goods on him. Dark stuff. The kind of dirt that guarantees obedience. Blackmail.

The nature of the flip makes it clear where the hand pulling the string resides: in the upper echelons of the United States neoliberal, neocon, corporate establishment. The people you work for. Let’s not feign naiveté.

If you want a hint about the kind of dirt we’re talking about, look into his connections with Jeffery Epstein, Clinton, and his visits aboard the Lolita Express. Look into the testimony of the 14 year old girl; mysteriously withdrawn, struck from the Federal record. There’s more if you’re willing to dig.

Follow the money. Trace the connections, phone logs, emails, campaign contributions, hush money. If you put your mind to it you’ll find evidence that involves senators, congressmen, top level brass, banking and the who’s who of the military industrial complex. Craven degenerates operating with impunity, totally compromised, totally controlled by the same people you currently work for.

Blackmail is a crime, and in a case like this, it denies the victims justice. Blackmail against a sitting president is also high treason, and to use that leverage to start a wars of aggression, a crime against humanity. The people behind this would hang in a fair tribunal. And maybe someday they will.

The circus tent is coming down. The rot runs deep, permeating the core of the system. These are the dying breaths of a nation.

It’s time to decide which side of history you’re going to be on.

It’s time to hold yourself accountable (in action or inaction).

The “Just following orders” defense doesn’t have the best track record.

This isn’t about Trump. This is about the .0001% that really call the shots. Trump is expendable. At some point, he’s going down. The real establishment will install another puppet and they’ll still get their war; the great destruction, the reset.

Unless of course, you do something big: strike deep, strike in a way that slows down the agenda, discredits their war mongering lies, knocks them off balance, and buys humanity some time.

Now I’m going to speak to the civilian population of all nations. With the exception of those among us who are clever with the locks and keys that keep this kind of information out of sight (digital outlaws and hacktivists), most of you don’t have access to the innards of the machine, and never will. You do however have access to people, and in the end that’s what this will come down to.

To maximize impact study the principles of group psychology; Gustave Le Bon, Edward Bernays, The Psychology of Power. This weapon has been used against us for centuries. Time to pick it up and return fire.

Pressure must come from all sides.

To stop this war, you will need to study the world view of both the left and the right. You must to internalize their narratives, learn to navigate the wedge issues, identities, images tied to words, towards an urgent awareness of common threat: thermonuclear war.

This is not easy. We have to learn to distance ourselves emotionally from issues that distract. Discipline ourselves to avoid the trap of pointless arguments that will never be resolved.

We must choose battles that can be won, and win them by sending more and bigger bullets down range while adjusting fire, not by obsessing over how each volley lands.

Some of you are going to want specific instructions. Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4. Some of you are waiting for someone else to lead.

What we need right now (and will need even more in times ahead) are decentralized nodes of leadership operating independently, creatively, with the skills and resources they have, coordinating, amplifying, with other groups.

Seek those willing to commit to a simple, self evident moral stance: No wars of aggression (covert, conventional, economic or nuclear), regardless of who is in office. No supporting such wars in word, silence, action or inaction. This is a line worth dividing on and an anchor worth unifying on, identifying with.

Don’t know how to find such people? Start by speaking out. All it takes is one voice to break the conformity principle, to expose the fact that the emperor wears no clothes. Someone else might find their courage because of you.

Once you start taking action you’ll start meeting others who are already in the trenches; people with experience and skills you lack, perspectives that clarify things further. Now you can coordinate, synchronize, and amplify. You’ll also make new friends, and the group might become more than a means to an end.


Finally we must address the elephant in the room here: fear. The danger of a global escalation is real. Sugar coating it won’t help. Narratives which put heads in the sand definitely have a market.

The question isn’t so much whether your hands will shake, the question is whether you will find the courage to do what needs to be done anyway.

Again, it helps to reflect on the inevitability of death. None of us will be here in 200 years. Look at the big picture: the world we’re leaving for the next generation.

It can also help to plug in to something bigger than ourselves. Pray, meditate, connect to whatever you want to call it however you believe that you should.

Struggling to decide what to do? Unsure of the right path? Go to the source, and ask like you mean it. Put all that emotion you have pent up in your chest into it. This doesn’t have to be quiet, sitting down, formal, or planned. It can be through dance, music, or even just tears.

When your brain is operating at this frequency ideas often arrive out of the blue. Good ideas, And now your emotions are calm. Everything comes into focus. You see a step you could take now; a simple goal that you know you can accomplish, and you’re not afraid to start. In fact you’re excited. This isn’t just something worth dying for, this is something worth living for. Follow that feeling. Take action before it slips away.

This message is creative commons. You are free to download, copy and distribute it through any and all

Gray Matters 

13 Apr

Some time hopefully in the not too distant future I will start producing youtube videos.  I dont know wether to just call it Gray Matters . I have several different streams that I want to pursue.  At the moment Im thinking of using Cumorahmusings as the over all project name then having each other project under that  i see Gray matters as starting off being abt controversial topics. Ones that I feel there is too much extremeism in. I have a list of 7 topics that I immediately want to discuss.  Im thinking of limiting video length to 5 minutes. That way its suscint and will focus me on to the main points I want to discusd without me wandering off onto tangents. 

I also hope to post a blog post in relation to each video. 

I also hope to do a series called Gray’s Gospel about my interests in regards to my view of the bible and Christianity.  I hope that calling its Grays Gospel is not too pretensious.

If I can do it I also hope to turn then into podcasts or maybe use them to do a more in depth podcast. 

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas Im open to them. 

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