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2020 the year of perfect sight.

18 Jan

Well it’s a few weeks into 2020. The year has started off tumultuously. There were fires across much of eastern Australia. My own property was threatened. But that thanks to a last minute change of wind it avoided my property. I believe it was due to divine Providence.

I didn’t achieve many of the goals I set for my self last year .I am proud of two that I achieved. I did Spanish most days of the year the only time I let it drop was when I went to Britian. The second goal I achieved was to finish my novel . Which I did. The rest . We’re a bust within a few weeks. I didn’t eat more healthy I didn’t lose weight I didn’t do more exercise

This year the only goal I’m gonna set is to learn more Spanish. My other goal is to finish the writing of my Book of Mormon Biographical Dictionary. I’m two thirds of the way through writing it. Once the kids go back to school then I’ll be able to focus on it.

I’ll try to write more consistently on the blog. I’ve said that before and it didn’t happen so we’ll see how we go this time.

Controversy Corner Flat vs Globe Earth

17 Oct

I have been debating wether to do this post for a while now. its such a complex and emotionally charged topic that I did feel i could do it justice . So this is more about me getting my own thoughts clear on the subject. So here goes.

Since rapper Bob came out that he was a Flat Earther A few years ago Youtube has been going nuts with videos of people trying to prove the earth is flat. It got so much traction in the media that they even made a Netflix movie about the Flat Earth community.

I like to consider my self an open minded kind of Person, so when I first came across the idea that the world could be flat , I entertained the idea. Paradigms have been known to be wrong before so may be the globe earth paradigm was wrong too.

Mark Sargent is one of the main you tubers promoting a flat earth. he has a series  of videos were he lays out his reason for why the earth is flat.

There are a series of other , even famous physicists like Neil Degrass Tyson have come come out to show why flat earth is false.

After watching several videos I went out side  looking at the world with new understanding . Flat earth is also supposed to be how the bible describes the world.which it generally does.

shortly cracks started to appear in my new found thoughts about the earth being flat. I learnt that Antarctica is supposed to be an Ice wall that surrounds the edge of the disk.

Being from Australia I have had people I know who have  gone to Antarctica. The Aussie military fly people there for training. There was also the stars in the Sky they are diffent here than in America. One answer I was given for that is that we all carry a sky projector in our heads so that’s why they are different in Australia.

Alot of the answers I received used perspective.  why does the son seem to set on a flat earth answer perspective  . why does the moon seem upside down when view from Australia answer perspective.

Apparently its all a great big conspiracy to keep the world from finding definitive evidence that God is real.

After thinking about it. It is clear to me the the world is a globe. In  flat earth models there is no model that fits all the observations that have been made going on over 2300 years. since the greeks first proposed the earth was round. They seem to use adhoc reasoning to answering questions people ask them about the flat earth . If you take one or two of the reasons and create a model it works yet all the answers do not fit into a comprehensive model.

The only model that full answers all observations is the Globe model .

Why Listen to me

15 Sep

Growing up as the youngest child in my family. I was not listened too. So I have internalised the view that I’m not worth listening too.

Then I married someone who reinforced this view throughout out our marriage that I’m not worth listening to.

I have been working with my psychologist on rectifing this.

This post is part of my way of doing this outlining why my voice is important, why I’m worth listening to.

Due to what I have been through and experienced I have a unique perspective on the world. There may not be many but I’m sure that there are some for whom my words are and will be helpful.

There are some areas were I have formal academic training.

I have completed a associate diploma of applied science Forest management. This was a 2 year course through the University of Queensland. There were many subjects.

It was through this course that I first came across economics. I have studied it informally ever since. Trying my best to keep up to date with the current trends the feild and projections as to were economics is going.

I started a bachelor of science. (Protected Area Management) but didn’t complete it.

Then years later when looking to get out of retail. I started studying my passion history.

It was through my other studies that I have an in-depth view and comprehension of history. I have completed a 4 year history /anthropology degree. I have tried my best to keep up with the latest discoveries and theories since then. But there is so much happening it’s hard to keep up now days . So I have focused on a few specific areas . 1 Mesoamerican history. 2 Celtic history. 3 Roman history. 4 Australian history. 5 religious history. so you can see that’s alot to keep up with I try my best, to understand these hisoriea I have dabbled in the learning of languages. Gaelic, Mayan, Greek, Hebrew and Spanish. To name a few . Others thatbim interested in but haven’t gotten varound to yet are Latin,Sumerian , Akkadian and Egyptian.

Then I had the choice to go on and do post grad work. But I was tired of being a poor student. So took the option of doing a one year graduate diploma in secondary education.

I worked as a history teacher for 18months. Before health issuse led to my quitting.

I feel drawn to use my history knowledge to still benefit others for that reason I’m drawn to starting a history based podcast .

I have mentioned it before . Stripped back scripture. Above is the reason why I feel I should be listened to and why I feel other would benefit from listening to me.

So I hope you’ve gotten this far and will enjoy the podcast if/when I ever get round to doing it.

A Dark place still can have a skylight.

25 Aug

I go through times when everything seems dark and its seems like the best thing to do would be to give up and die. I cant kill my self due to my sensitive nerve endings I once got a sharp knife and put it on my skin but the sensation cause my nervous system to overload . SO I cant do it that way . I have thought of overdosing on pills but if it didn’t work I would be in a worse place than I was before . I so times I pray that God will do something that takes me away from this life of pain and darkness.

It always happens that when I’m in darkness an ocassional beam of light will reach me . I grab on to that light and use it to elevate my self out of the darkness.

There is always light on the darkness some were that we can find ,but it takes effort at times to find the light wether that be internal work or merely changing our perspective on were we are at in regards to the light.

There have been times when I felt that there might never be light again in my life, but at times we just have to be patient and hope that there is more light out there we are just not seeing it yet, but have hope.

Without hope there is nothing hope really is the glue the holds the world together and faith is the action that moves it forward.

Faith and hope are indelibly linked there is no faith with out hope but there’s also no hope without faith .


16 Jun

At first I was reluctant to go on the excursion with school not knowing how well I’d fare with my badback. I was worried that they would walk to fast and I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

In that way I didn’t have anything to worry about was paced really slowly.

In fact sometimes it was so slow that it was frustrating.

There were some kids that wanted to climb every big rock that they saw and get a photo.

I feel the whole thing could have been done faster without so may stops.

In the end I had a good time it seemed the kids did too.

Child no 5 was terrified. I was glad I was there to support and help her. There were times we’re she could have given up ,but like a trooper she soldiered on anyway in spite of her fears that she was going to fall off the mountain to her death.

Going down was the hardest . It there that I pushed my self a bit too much and jarred my spine.

So I’m suffering for it now.

It was a good day overall.

As a treat afterwards no 5 and I walked to the corner store and I got her there version of a happy meal. It was healthier and better than a real happy meal.

So that ended a good day.

Day 34. Rest day

5 Jun

We went to church in the morning at East Grinstead ward. Met a guy who might be able to help me with chasing down grandad Gray’s military records.

When we got back we went for a walk around the temple grounds.

Father pointed out to me this tree that had been planted by the prophet David O Mackay.

Then we went back to our room
We talked a bit about what we were going to do on Monday., But we had no set plans.

I don’t really remember what we did after that.

Day 36 Finally get to go home.

24 May

I woke up at 9 and debated with my self wether to go to breakfast. In the end I couldn’t turn down a free breakfast.

I return to the room wondering what I’m going to do for the day.

I feel father waking me up he tells me it’s 3pm

So I have a shower then we decide we might as well just head to the airport and wait out the time there untill out flight is due.

We check out .

We get to the airport and check in at Emirates Airlines only to find that the guy I talk to on the phone the day before had made a mistake and booked us in for a flight on the 22nd not the 21st.

The guy on the desk was very professional and quickly changed our flight he was even able to get us an earlier flight out of Heathrow at 8.40. it would mean a 4 hour wait at Dubai but we didn’t care.

So we acceptes that one and sat it out to wait.

It was one of the most emptiest plane flights I’ve ever been on. The guys in the back of the plane were spread out over 3 seats. We had an empty seat beside us. .

After our wait at Dubai the next plane was only slightly less Empty as well.

Due to the time we landed in Brisbane it was mostly dark on the way. Watched several movies. Aquaman ,Glass I can’t remember the others.

Read a bit of the book on Scottish history the faded map. I’d borrowed it from father,but hadn’t read much of it.

When we got near Brisbane vi contacted Fiona. As she was the one coming to pick us up.

After we landed she got in touch that she’d brought Caelan with her so he could get some hours up.

So we drove to fathers dropped him home then picked up Caelan who drove most of the way home.

Then I got home and went to bed. I debated with myself wether to try to stay awake til 7 or 8 at night.

Cause I knew that if I went to sleep when I did that I probably wake in the early hours of the morning which is what happened.

But I could barely keep my eyes open so went to sleep and woke up at 3 in the morning.

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