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Current Controversy. Homosexual Culture vs Nature Part 1

1 Nov

I thought that a discussion about this was timely due to the current debate that is raging at the moment in Australia about same sex marriage. Due to there being a postal plebiscite on wether there should be Same Sex Marriage in Australia. I’m divided on the Issue.
I have been interested in theories about why people are homosexual for a long time. I have never told many people about this before but for along time I felt like I was a female spirit trapped in a male body.  As a teen I wasn’t really attracted to either sex. Later I was attracted to females. It was in my 20’s that I accepted who I am.  I found out later that this is called gender dysphoria. Another factor was my low testosterone levels making me more effeminate than my male peers it was many years later that i found this out if I’d known about it during my teenage years it probably would have made them more pleasant rather than the hell that I went through as a teenager due to being different to everyone else.
This personal connection has led me to look into this subject. As with all things that I look into I like to steer away from extremism. There is extremism on both sides of this debate. Anyone from within the community who questions the established narrative is treated horribly basically to pull them back into line so there are those in the community who go along just to keep the peace.
To be honest upfront the conclusion that I have reached after many years of study and based on my own personal experience with people in the LGBTIQ community.  is that there is a small percentage probably 2-3% of the population that are most likely born with a disposition to be attracted to the other sex. The rest are doing it for cultural and other reasons.
Micheal Foucault was the first historian to look into the development of sexuality. His book the History of a standard text in LGBTIQ studies.
He thought that even though Homosexuality might be a social construct that doesn’t mean that it isn’t real to the people who are experiencing it. He preferred to trace the history of how society has gotten to the stage that today,  His focus was on how western society’s views have shifted over the centuries.

What’s relatively new, is 1) the idea that our desires reveal some fundamental truth about who we are, and 2) the conviction that we have an obligation to seek out that truth and express it.

Within this framework, sex isn’t just something you do. Instead, the kind of sex you have (or want to have) becomes a symptom of something else: your sexuality. Though Foucault traces the origins of this shift back to the 16th century, our modern conceptions of sexuality really take root during the Victorian era

In the Victorian era it became an either or proposition as they sought to classify everything in society into discreet categories. Foucault argues that this way of thinking is a trap.  how do we know when to stop. how do we know that anything is in the right category. Sometimes knowledge can be a enlightening at other times it can be a trap.

A better use of our collective energy than fighting the biology vs. culture war.Is realising that changing our ideas is possible: that’s what Foucault helps us see, by showing us that our categories are not set in stone., we arrived here, and that means we can still go elsewhere—but in order to do that, we have to follow Foucault’s lead and start asking the right questions.
Social construction has moved on since the days that Foucault was writing about it.

Today the definition is a  social construct or construction concerns the meaning, notion, or connotation placed on an object or event by a society, and adopted by the inhabitants of that society with respect to how they view or deal with the object or event. In that respect, a social construct as an idea would be widely accepted as natural by the society, but may or may not represent a reality shared by those outside the society, and would be an “invention or artifice of that society”.

A major focus of social constructionism is to uncover the ways in which individuals and groups participate in the construction of their perceived social reality. It involves looking at the ways social phenomena are developed, institutionalized, known, and made into tradition by humans.

In social constructionist terms, “taken-for-granted realities” are cultivated from “interactions between and among social agents;” furthermore, reality is not some objective truth, Rather, there can be “multiple realities that compete for truth and legitimacy.Social constructionism understands the “fundamental role of language and communication”
while this theory was being worked out . Their were other people who thought that social construction could be applied to homosexuality.
This post is already getting long so if readers want to find out more there are plenty of sources out there.

Just to finish this part. There are many aspects of  a constructed reality . it involves emotional, environmental,nutritional , physical and several other aspects. it a complex issue that unless you are willing to spend considerable time researching is hard to comprehend.

The other side of the story is that Homosexuality rather than being a constructed reality is based on biology. To me this is the easier option for those who feel this way. It require little self examination. it can be yep I was born this way and that’s it. This is a byproduct of the Victorian eras classification system that is still in effect today. Society need us to fit into a discreet box. Its easier to accept the category than to fight against it.



September 23 Disappointment.

25 Sep

Even though I wrote about the sign meaning nothing and the probability of the events outlined in Revelation 12 actually happening. Yet as I watched the sun setting and looking for the moon and the planetary alignments. I couldn’t help but be disappointed that something didnt happen.
I can get the attraction of the pre trib rapture view of end times. not having to be worried about what is happening in the world knowing that you’ll be taken up at some time and avoid all the bad things that will happen during the end times.

i was repeating and examining my life for the week preceding the sign just in case iI was wrong and they were right. I was secretly hoping they were right. Life has been pretty sucky these last few years. At times it feels like its careering out of control.

There”s the constant battle with pain. The pain meds make me pretty dysfunctional If I don’t take them I’m functional for a while but then the pain overwhelms me. I power on as I know that f not me then who else will look after what is happening around me.
So  the idea of the rapture has some attraction. It will happen eventually but not til alot of other things have happened before it happens . I hope I can hold out til that day,


Final Revelation 12 Update.

22 Sep

I have seen some Youtube videos that argued that the rapture could take place a day or two before the sign on the 23 September,  I’m assuming that  the timing is based on what is happening at Jerusalem as that is the place that the scriptures refer to and are talking about.
Thanks to O Daughter of Zion.
She pointed out in that video that a similar sign had happened 190 years ago.
what is interesting is that it was on that day that the Mormons propose that the angel Moroni gave the golden plates to Josepth Smith to translate.
Since 3 BC and 2017 there are 170 chances of the sign happening as stated before Jupiter takes around 12 years to get back to Virgo again. It could be due to Jupiters influence but in the last century.  a number of important events have happened in years that Jupiter is in Virgo. 1969 man went to the moon and 1945 the end of WW2 to names a few. it could all just be a big coincidence.
Another  thing I have heard is that the sign has to be Virgo as  Revelation 12 says a women clothed in the sun. The pastors proposing this assume that Virgo is the only woman in the sky but she’s not Aquarius is as a women traditional .its just because the Stellarium program that they are using Aquarius looks like a man. There is also traditionally another women in the sky and that is Ophicius but once again Stellarium has it drawn as a man.
So which one is really the women that revelation 12 is talking about Virgo, Aquarius or Ophicuis, These are all on the elliptic so could be clothed with the sun when the sun is in the constellation.
We will know one way or another by the end of this weekend.
In my view there are still too many signs that have to take place before the Savior comes again  I feel that it will happen soon Hopefully in my life time. But most likely before the end of this century.


Giving yourself outs. 

17 Aug

On the radio today I heard a guy talking about why he couldnt give up smoking. He said that he had tried many times but just didn’t have the will power.  It got me thinking he was giving himself an out for failing. 

In some ways we all do this. I didnt get that job for xyz reasons. They are just outs obsuring us from the real reason why a certain thing didnt happen that we dont want to face up to. So that when we fail we can blame the out. 

I was thinking that in a lot of ways disabilty can be used as an out. Sure with diabilty it can be a legitimate out for not doing something.  I havr no legs so i cant climb a ladder. Is a legitimate out. 

I do it my self some times i use my disability as an out for not doing rhings thar i know im perfectly capable of doing but dont feel like it that day or a more common thing for me is that im too afraid. So I use my didiabilty as an out.  

It really annoys me when perfectly capable people use outs for no good reason. Im sure they think its a good reason. The guy on the radio and his lacking will power reason. Its an out for failing before you have even failed. 

I dont really know how to word what I’m thinking.  To me its a predermined outcome in one of two ways if you try and then fail the out is there to mask why u really failed

Or the out can stop u from teying anything that you know your going to fail at. So a person would only end up doing things they are good at or if they feel like they are good at nothing they’lljust sit around and turn into a blob. 

Instead of having outs we should acknowledge our strengths and weakness. I come from a long line of short people so i acknowledge that basketball isnt something that is going to come easy to me. If i want to be a basketballer then I’ll have to acknowledge that weakness. If i wanted to play basketball i could use my families short stature as an out. Insteas i could focus on my small size being an advantage . 

Its all in how we see life. Do we use outs to avoid living life and pushing ourselves . Instead we can get rid of outs and rise to the challenge.  

Collectivism vs Individualism 

9 Jul

It occured to me the other day that most global problems can be divided between either collectivism or insividualism. Maybe its a long bow to draw but this dichotomy could come down to the difference between Catholicisism and Protestantism. One empathizes collectivism the other individuals. Superficially it seems that those countries that were Catholic the longest are those that embraced communism and democratic socialism.  Those that were predominantly protestant became predominantly fascist or democratic capitalists.

China however is a different example. Confucius empathized the importance of the state which parrels what is taught by communism. 

Until this conflict can be understood there can be no way of solving the problems present in todays societies. At least a balance needs to be reached between the two extremes of the spectrum.  

Research funding plea

26 Jun

This will the transcript for a future video that I I will make to request money for my research activities. I have been thinking about how to go about this for a while. upon waking this morning the words just came to me. I need to write them down before I forget them.
I’ll use a crowd funding site like gofund me or indiegogo.

Hi I’m Dave (picture of Me) and I love this book( picture of the Book of Mormon.) The words of this book  were taken from metal plates (picture of plates) There are numerous witness that attest to the reality of the plates. ( picture of witness holding plates). Were they a 19th century pious fraud as some propose(Pic). Were they from the american heartland as others propose. (Pic) were they form Mesoaamerica as most propose. (pic) were they from South America as others propose(Pic) or were they from somewhere else in the world as a few propose.
Until now there was no way to really know the answer to where the plates came from.

There is an artifact in the church history museum that can possibly answer the question of where the plates came from.(Pic)

The Joseph Smith lap desk was used for a time as the place where Joseph stored the plates after translating from them each day(pic). The curator of the Church history museum has given me preliminary permission to examine the artifact.

It is possible that micro-flakes from the plates that were in Josephs possession at the time are embedded in the wood of the artifact. (pic)

I would organise to get a 3D laser scan of the artifact as there elements that can be detected that can be missed by the naked eye. (Pic)

To test this I would X-ray, CT scan and MRI the artifact looking for metallic evidence on the artifact(pic).I would perform a rubbing ( Indiana Jones pic)of the inside bottom of the artifact to see if the weight of the plates crushed the wood fibers and left a noticeable impression  Its possible that due to the length of time since the plates were in there that nothing will be found.

However if metallic micro-flakes  are found then we could move on to further examination. Samples would be taken and tested in a spectrometer. each metal has a unique spectrographic signature(pic) . This signature can be used to pinpoint where in the world the metal came from. (pic)

All this testing cost money I would love to have the money to do this without asking anyone else as  the testing could end up not giving any conclusive answers(dollarpic).

I dont have the money or the means to do the testing myself so I am asking for your help to fund this project. If the artifact tests positive for metallic residue then the implications would be immense. however the main reason to do this and help fund my project is to help forward the work of the Lord rather than seeking personal glory( pic of the Lord).

So please fund my project so we can achieve something great.



Revelation 12. Decoded Debunked.

16 Jun

I have an email newsletter called prophecy news week that gets sent to me periodically.  Lately they have been proposing that the women mentioned in Revelation  12 is a unique alignment of astronomy.  At first I thought it was pretty cool and would make a great sign heralding the latter days.

I love astronomy and astrology.  So I looked into it.

There interpretation is that on September 23 2017. There will be a unique coming together of features to create this sign. Of Revelation 12. A women  (Virgo ) gives birth to a child (Jupiter )has the sun i  her hand and the moon at her feet and has a crown of twelve stars (stars of Leo , plus Mercury, Venus and Mars)

How unique is this arrangement. Not as unique as I first thought I currently use the astronomy program Stellarium.

Here’s what I found

1 September is the Month of Virgo .

2. The sun will be in Virgo every year at this time .

3. The moon passes by the feet of Virgo every year.

4. It takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun . Due to the shape of the constellations it is in some longer than others. It happens to be in Virgo for 9 months . Which does line up with Revelation 12 say the women was pregnant and gave birth. But it happens every twelve years so not really unique.

5. Leo as the  crown. Stellarium list there being 9 main stars in the constellation of Leo,but other astronomy programs and skymaps give give 10 and 11 stars in Leo. If you then add the 3 planets simple maths gives u more than 12 stars in the crown.

6 Mercury, Venus and Mars all orbit close to the sun so were the sun is  they will be relatively close by.

7 The constellation of Virgo on that day will be on the horizon. So most of the aspects listed above will be block by the brightness of the setting sun. Its only if you know what  to look for that you’d be able to see the so called great sign.

There is nothing special about the sign I think that its being used as away to drum up fear by people who make money off of scaring people that the Lord will be coming soon.

Micheal Hieser has a different view on what Revelation 12 means.

The traditional view of this Chapter is that it is symbolic That the women represents  Israel and that the child that is born is either Jesus or the church.

I hope this has clarified what this chapter means and that people are more informed.

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