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Graylife 01 Surviving life

30 Aug

I consider myself a survivor Many people don’t know what I’ve had to get through to still be here today. I was born with transient IGA deficiency. Immuno Gobulean A (IGa) is part of bodies immune response to fight off infections. The other common ones are IGe , IGgand IGm IGd
IGa is mainly involved with the mucus membranes, it protects it form b=getting infections.

I was Ok for the first year of my Life probably because I was breast fed and getting my mothers Immunity.  Once that wore off I became very sick and nearly died. To solve the problem I was put on continueas courses of antibiotics. Still i would sometimes get sick mainly bronchitis. This lasted off and on till I was four

Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t been born in this modern age of antibiotics in the old days I probably would have died, Then I would have been spared the suffering that I’ve had to go through in the rest of my life and since I would have died as a child I would have gone strait to heaven to be at Gods side.

But then I’m also glad that I live at this time I think of all the great advancements that have happened just in my life time and I’m grateful to have been able to experience then and see were the world is going.

The scriptures call the last days the great and dreadful day of the lord I think that’s because it will be great for some and dreadful for others.

I wont go on for now but suffice to say that if transient IGa had been all that went wrong medically i would have been ok with it but it was just  the start of a long life with all to frequent medical diagnoses for different Illnesses.

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