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Covid19 Hysteria.

23 Mar

In December a virus appeared in China. At first the rest of the world ignored it thinking that it would be confined to China.  The Governments of the world acted too late. the Virus escaped China and is now a global pandemic.

Once it got out the world went crazy. Just in my small rural community the shelves of the shops started to be emptied especially of toilet paper for some reason. when there weren’t really that many cases in Aus.

No the Gov is shutting down the country. Schools are still open but I suspect its only a matter of time before they are closed as well.

I will just keep doing what i have been. Take each day as it comes and try not add to the hysteria.

Some of my other thoughts. I think this might be a created virus. probably by a American Biolab. The Chinese are saying this. The Biochemist  say that the virus has markers that indicate it could have been manufactures. it has HIV inserts, it could have gotten these by passing through a host that had HIV. but that seems unlikely.

why would the US create such a virus. the countries with the highest incidence are enemies of the US , China and Iran, I think Italy might have been targeted due to US fear of the Vaticans supposed power it welds.

The rest of the world is just colateral damage . It could also  be a ploy by Trump to get re-elected. if the emergency persists it would be possible that the coming US elections could be postponed. Effectly giving Trump another term .

The out come of all this shut down will be an economic crash.  the Gov’s are already talking about mortgage and rent freezes. Gove’ around the world are pumping money into economies to keep business open and people spending.

it wll help temporarily but i dont suspect that gov’s will bb able to maintain the spending for long .

The ultimate lesson to take away is that you never know what life is going to throw at you. Just trust in God that everything will  turn out OK.



Controversy Corner Flat vs Globe Earth

17 Oct

I have been debating wether to do this post for a while now. its such a complex and emotionally charged topic that I did feel i could do it justice . So this is more about me getting my own thoughts clear on the subject. So here goes.

Since rapper Bob came out that he was a Flat Earther A few years ago Youtube has been going nuts with videos of people trying to prove the earth is flat. It got so much traction in the media that they even made a Netflix movie about the Flat Earth community.

I like to consider my self an open minded kind of Person, so when I first came across the idea that the world could be flat , I entertained the idea. Paradigms have been known to be wrong before so may be the globe earth paradigm was wrong too.

Mark Sargent is one of the main you tubers promoting a flat earth. he has a series  of videos were he lays out his reason for why the earth is flat.

There are a series of other , even famous physicists like Neil Degrass Tyson have come come out to show why flat earth is false.

After watching several videos I went out side  looking at the world with new understanding . Flat earth is also supposed to be how the bible describes the world.which it generally does.

shortly cracks started to appear in my new found thoughts about the earth being flat. I learnt that Antarctica is supposed to be an Ice wall that surrounds the edge of the disk.

Being from Australia I have had people I know who have  gone to Antarctica. The Aussie military fly people there for training. There was also the stars in the Sky they are diffent here than in America. One answer I was given for that is that we all carry a sky projector in our heads so that’s why they are different in Australia.

Alot of the answers I received used perspective.  why does the son seem to set on a flat earth answer perspective  . why does the moon seem upside down when view from Australia answer perspective.

Apparently its all a great big conspiracy to keep the world from finding definitive evidence that God is real.

After thinking about it. It is clear to me the the world is a globe. In  flat earth models there is no model that fits all the observations that have been made going on over 2300 years. since the greeks first proposed the earth was round. They seem to use adhoc reasoning to answering questions people ask them about the flat earth . If you take one or two of the reasons and create a model it works yet all the answers do not fit into a comprehensive model.

The only model that full answers all observations is the Globe model .

Conspiracy Corner. Mandalay Bay false Flag.

14 Oct

Several Online contacts are posting about the Las Vegas shooting being a false flag event. I had  heard the term before and vaguely knew what its was but this event prompted me to look into the term,it basically means that an event happens  eg Las Vegas shootings. The government carries it out then someone else takes the  fall for what happened in this case Stephen paddock.
The accompanying image was share by my FB friend Sara C  . It seems to be being used more and more frequently wether they are happening more frequently is a different matter.

There are several that I have heard of off the top of my head.

Gulf of Tonkin incident, 9/11 , London Bombing,  Sandy Hook massacre,  Pulse Night Club shooting and now the Las Vegas shooting. These are just American ones there have been two that are suspected Australian ones Port Arthur Massacre and Martin Place Siege.

It occurred to me lately after re-watching 9 seasons of X-files and 24. it seems we have been conditioned for a long time to think that the governments of the world are hiding something from us.

it seems people are more likely to think an event is a false flag if those in charge are slow to provide the general pubic with information about the event .

I have not made up my mind either way as way  I am leaning toward there being something suspect about the Las Vegas Shootings.
its strange how there always seems to be some sort of training exercise going on in the vicinity of the event. three that I know of are 9/11, London bombings and now Las Vegas shootings.
I’m more of the opinion that that the government takes advantage of events that they know are about to happen by letting them play out or bolstering the event with crisis actors or second shooters ectera.

falseflag 2false flag

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