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Which way to go.

17 Apr

I wonder if evangelical ministry’s that are trying to save those they believe have gone astray from the gospel realise how much damage they are doing

I had an experience with light house ministries. They are especially focused on saving the LDS church from Thier doctrinal errors.

I’m quite aware of the flaws that people assume the LDS church has. I don’t need someone else Ponting them out.

They ask you to question everything thing that you have ever been taught and accepted.

The problem with this is that with the exclusive truth claims that the church has once you start questioning these claims then why stop why not question the other truth claims that are fundamental to Christianity. It leads to some abandoning Christianity all together. To some becoming atheist.

What is worse to believe in jesus in a way that is at odds with other Christians or to not believe at all.

I choose to believe Inspite of the doubts that I have . I accept a concept called Pascal’s wager. Which is that you are unsure wether there is or isn’t a God yet you choose to believe there is a God as it’s better to believe there is a God and find out it not true than to not believe in God and find out when we die that there is a God.

How the Atonement Happened.

12 Apr

This is a topic I have been thinking about for some time. I might have even written about it before, but my thinking on it has expanded.
I believe that we lived before we came to this earth That as spirits we have been around since at least the creation of the earth billions of years ago.  We spent that time learning growing and developing.
I believe we were tutored by Yahweh and the Angels.

I need to take a brief detour and explain how Quantum entanglement works.  Its basically how two particles are entangled/joined together when they do this they can exchange information. Time is irrelevant they can exchange information instantaneously

So by being tutored by Yahweh our particles became entangled with his,

The Plan was outlined from the beginning. Free will is at the center of Yahweh’s being and purpose. He knew that by giving us free will we would make mistakes so he provided a way that we could repent from those mistakes. He provided his son Yahweh Jnr to be the bridge that would enable use all to return to him.

If we weren’t obedient we couldn’t live with him in heaven. We had progressed as far as we could in the spirit so we needed to get a physical body.

So the Earth was created and then Adam and Eve were created. Satan who had rebelled against God had been placed on the earth so that people  would have opposition. People cannot grow unless they have opposition and adversity.

Satan was angry with God that his plan wasn’t selected so he is doing everything he can to destroy Gods plan. He thought that by getting Adam and Eve to fall he was thwarting Gods plan but he was actually facilitating it.

Fast Forward several thousand years from the time that Adam and Eve were on the earth and God saw that it was the right time to send down his Son to the people.

Many have wondered how Jesus could take upon him self the sins of all that have lived past, present and future. I believe that entanglement is the answer. in the garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross he used to Connections created with our spirits in the pre-existence to connect to us all and have the information about our sin sort of downloaded to him. He could then understand everything we have ever experienced and gone through.

the information flows both ways  we get pure light and understanding from him and cleansing and healing through the connection.  Making us a new being in Christ.  Now the connection is there and open all we have to do is accept it. Its a free gift he has given to us all At this Easter time.

Easter is a yearly reminder of what Yahweh Jnr did for us ad give us a chance to reconnect . He will always be there waiting for us to make the connection.

Revelation 12 Update

13 Sep

It bothered me that with my last presentation about revelation 12 that I wasn’t able to say for definite how often the conjunction of the 3 planets Mercury, Mars and Venus occurred. For the last few weeks I have been running different Iterations through the astronomy program Stellarium looking for  how often the conjunction of these three planets happened in Leo.
The conjunction needs to happen when Jupiter is in Virgo so that it fits the description in Revelation 12. Jupiter is in Virgo every 11.85 years. Then it could happen at each 12 year period . but it doesn’t. between 3BC and 2017 AD there are 170 times that Jupiter has been in Virgo. I will slowly look through each of these times to see if the conjunction happens at any other time.

Thanks to Micheal Hieser we know that it happened on September 11 3 BC and it will happen again on the 23 September 2017.  So that is about 2020 years apart. SO it at least happens every 2020 years. To prove this I went back to 4023 and we have the same conjunction. so it seems to hold that it happens about every 2020 years. Steve Cioccolanti has found another alignment near to 6000BC. I cant remember the exact youtube video that he mentions it in its either this or this
I hedging my bets here some say that the rapture of the church will happen on this day or just before. As stated in the last video I don’t think there is any thing significant in this that is conjunction in the  the sky.  I’m happy to be wrong and be raptured to be with Christ.
I will keep looking to see if there are any other times this junction has happened

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