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Book of Mormon Gazetteer .

6 Dec

I have been writing this book for the last 4 years it is almost complete. but still has some work to be done on it. I have decided to offer a draft edition on the net so that I can get some feed back on how to improve it.
I hope people appreciate¬† the work that has gone into it over the years . I hope that it will be of use to people. I wouldn’t have written it If I didn’t feel that some one would find a use for it.¬†Gazateer

Review of Ancient Mesoamerican Warfare.

26 Oct

On the Atzlan email list that I am a part of, I inquired about research into Mesoamerican warfare and this book was recommended as cover all aspects of recent research into warfare.

Kathryn Brown and Travis Stanton are the editors of the volume. It was compiled in 2003.

There are 15 chapters with different authors having been invited to write a chapter each.

I will deal with each chapter in a different Blog entry.
Chapter 1 “Studying warfare in Ancient Mesoamerica “acts as an overview of the whole book.

An interesting discussion on the definition of warfare has a bearing on how we could view warfare in the Book of Mormon. Pre-industrial societies had a broader view of warfare than we currently do. What we might call skirmishes, raids or feuds where all considered warfare. They then outline what each of the chapters will be about.

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