About me

Hi to all those who may read this Blog.  I am a member of the LDS church.  I like to speculate about many things that are related to the church.  The focus of this website is my musings about the Book of Mormon Politics and Spirituality.  I know  the book of Mormon to be a true record of the ancient inhabitants of the American continent.  This blogs represents my attempts to try and understand where in the Americas the event in the Book of Mormon took place.  I have been a researcher of this since I was a teenager, 20 years ago.

I have started this blog with a discussion of what the constituent parts of a capitalist society are. So that people can understand what capitalist society is doing to our planet.


One of my favourite sayings is that of Brigham Young:  If there be truth, wherever it is found, or whoever it is found with, it is a part of Mormonism.  Our job is to find it.  I probably quoted it wrongly but to me that is the gist of the quote.  (Original quote found here, under the section “The gospel of Jesus Christ embraces all truth”.)

As a result of my many explorations into truth, wherever it is found, I would describe myself as not a typical member of the LDS Church. Most LDS that I speak to are very conservative. While I consider my self anything but conservative.
As it has been many years since i wrote this i thought it was about time that I added an update.
I am a writer, historian and researcher of many different interesting things. This blog reflects the many areas that I research and am interested in.
So Welcome aboard for the journey that is my Life currently.

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