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A Dark place still can have a skylight.

25 Aug

I go through times when everything seems dark and its seems like the best thing to do would be to give up and die. I cant kill my self due to my sensitive nerve endings I once got a sharp knife and put it on my skin but the sensation cause my nervous system to overload . SO I cant do it that way . I have thought of overdosing on pills but if it didn’t work I would be in a worse place than I was before . I so times I pray that God will do something that takes me away from this life of pain and darkness.

It always happens that when I’m in darkness an ocassional beam of light will reach me . I grab on to that light and use it to elevate my self out of the darkness.

There is always light on the darkness some were that we can find ,but it takes effort at times to find the light wether that be internal work or merely changing our perspective on were we are at in regards to the light.

There have been times when I felt that there might never be light again in my life, but at times we just have to be patient and hope that there is more light out there we are just not seeing it yet, but have hope.

Without hope there is nothing hope really is the glue the holds the world together and faith is the action that moves it forward.

Faith and hope are indelibly linked there is no faith with out hope but there’s also no hope without faith .

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