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Raising Children

4 Mar

Children are a wonderful gift from God they can be beautiful and delightful when everything is going ok. They can also be hell on earth when things aren’t going  the right way.
My Oldest will be 18 in a few weeks. That event and others has caused me to reflect on the last 18 years.

Before having children my wife and I set out to find out what was the bet way to raise healthy happily adjusted adults. we both had childhood traumas that we didnt want our own children to repeat.
We read a lot of child raising books . The tow That looking back now I feel had the most impact were rythym of Life and Children are from Heaven.  Rythym of life was all about attached parenting and using a village to raise a child.  Attached parenting worked well for the first 2 kids but you cant really do it as effectively with more than that as it becomes physically impossible to carry around that many children.
Its hard to believe now but our oldest daughter would have terrible melt downs and get really hysterical. SO while looking we came across the FAILSAFE diet. it totally changed her.  The hysterics and meltdowns disappeared and never came back.
We knew that the teenage years could be challenging.  I have found that the best way to handle teenagers is to not react to the extreme things they might say. Be rational and calm and let them know that you are there to support them no matter what.

Its worked well so far. My oldest liked to see if she could get a reaction out of me by telling me she had done the most outrageous things. eg got a tattoo, got pregnant, had drugs, ect.
While I would like to take the credit for how my oldest has turned out there are a lot of other influences, God, Both grandma’s her mother, her siblings, her friends and other influences to numerous to mention.
I wish her the best as she transitions into adulthood . I want her to know that I’ll be here to support her and all the rest of My kids for as long as I live.

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