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Happy New year … well maybe not.

24 Jan

II didnt really achieve much of the gaols that I had set out for 2018. The one I did achieve was pretty big I finished part one of my novel. I have been working on this novel for about ten years, so it feels great to have the first draft completed.

My podcasts however were another story . I didnt realise how hard it was to do something like that , my hat goes off to all those people who consistantly do podcasts. Its my goal again for this year to start the podcast back up . we’ll see what happens.

IN a few months I’ll be off travelling again so there will be a flood of activity on the blog again. As I will try to write something everyday to update people on what is happening in my travels.

My youngist daughter is getting baptised this week That”s the final one for the family. She¬† will have entered the road to salvation it will be up to her as to wether she stays on the road or not. I will do my best keep nudging her in the right direction like I do with all my children.

The remaining 4 kids go back to school next week. we have shifted them from there old school as the spirit guided us that it was time to move on.

So there is lots of change and excitement around at the moment.

I’m committed this year to futhering my learning of Spanish. I use three different programs. I have been been consistant for the last two weeks . I hope to continue it for the rest of the year.

As I always at this time of year I commit to writing more on my blog.

I have more to say but will do so more on another blog post. Its about the unhappy things that could be happening this year.

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