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Upcoming Projects

21 Sep

I have had a burst of creative ideas lately. It is my goal to finish my novel by the end of the year. I have been close to the final chapter for a while now, but due to being near the end I was procrastinating. So I am going to finish it this year this book began being written started in 2006. So its been 12 years in the making. WHat was going to be one book turned into 3 and now the first book looks like it will be two books
My second project is my first podcast project Stripped Back Scripture. It’s a podcast that looks a the first the book of Mormon and tries to stri[ away all the clutter and worldview that has accumulated around it and look at it the way the original writers might have seen it.  I have I unposted episode outlining what I hope t achieve with the podcast. The second episode I’m still working on it will be a general introduction to the LDS church and theories of how we got the Book of Mormon
My 3rd project is making another youtube channel but this one to be based around my love of Spiderman. Called the Spidey-FIles. I have digital copies of all the extent spiderman comics. I will read each one and discuss pertinent aspects of the story touching of pop culture references as needed.
I also have a Patreon Account called Gray Matters. So if you want to support the work that I’m doing please subscribe.

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