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Port Arthur False Flag

8 May

22 years ago on the 22nd of April 1996 .A male walked into the tourist site of Port Arthur Tasmania and killed 36 people and wounded a lot more.

The next day a young disabled man by the name of Martin Bryant was accused of the massacre.

In the following weeks it became an International news story. A few years later an independent researcher Joe Valid. Write a book called Deadly Deception. Most of the points I’ll be making come from that book. It’s available for free Online.

In the aftermath of the massacre. Martin’s mother immediately came out and said he didn’t do it.but no one believed her.

Since that day there have been several people with military experience who have come out and said that it would have been virtually impossible for some one with none military experience to have carried out the massacre.

Those who accept the media s version of events explain Martin’s precision and accuracy as a result of his extensive experience playing video games.

1 Here are some of the events that happen . On the way into town he stopped a car using what is called a Beirut triple in military parlance. one sighting shot one to take out the driver and the final shot takes out the engine bringing the car to a halt.

2. When he entered the Broad Arrow cafe. He was shooting from the hip . Military experts say this is very hard to do accurately. The stats for the shooting in the cafe are some that only the best marks men achieve. 19 head shot kills from only 22 bullets fired.

3. No one who directly saw his face survived. Those who later identified him only saw him at a distance.

The book goes into many other details.

Since that times with a woman we will call Susie to protect her identity. This woman is from Tasmania but moved to my local are several years ago. Susie grew up with and was best friends with the Bryant Family. She knew Martin when he was young. She described him as severely disabled. But as having a sweet temperament who wanted to please other people. Susie estimates that as best she can remember his tested iq was about 80.

After the massacres. Susie got in contact with the Bryants. She found out that a few months before hand Martin had been befriend by some military types. Who got him into first person shooter type video games and would take him out hunting on weekends.

I think there names were Rob and Tony. I distinctly remember that on the night it happened that the police surround a shed that Martin was holed up in. They knocked on the door and Martin was calling out to see whether it was Rob. But the next time they showed the cottage on the news Martin’s voice had been removed from the footage. He sounded scared and confused.

His mother has said that as he was simple minded like a child he just went along with what he was told to do. Because he plead guilty. It never went to court. So the reports of the witness that may have contradicted the official story never were analysed in a court room setting.
Now if you even question the official narrative ou are considered a traitor and get attacked and shouted down.
In the aftermath of what happened . The Australian government said no more and  legislated a slew of gun reform laws that radically changed the face of Australia.
They outlawed automatic weapons  they also made it harder to get guns and proposed comprehensive background checks. The final piece of  the change was a gun by back system. An amnesty period was set up were for six months you could hand in your illegal guns with out being prosecuted. there ended up being several of these amnesties over the years It is estimated that 650,000 guns were brought and destroyed by the government.
At this time Australia had just been through about 20 years of a center left government. in the last years of the Labor government outlined a radical shift in Australian politics.
Its possible that the False flag was conducted to cement the conservatives rule in Australia. they were in government for the next 11 years. It was very successful as John Howard has forever been remembered for his strong stance that he took in relation to the Port Arthur Massacre.

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