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Easter 2018

30 Mar

As I think about this Easter time . I have been trying to recall the Easters of my youth. I have a couple of clear memory’s but most of it is blank. I see my kinds squabbling and fighting and I wonder how much of an impact it will have on them. but now I’m thinking they probably wont even remember. As I dont.
The few memories I do have are due to unique events that happened.Like being in year 1 and going to the civic center and having an Easter bonnet parade. When I was abt 6 spending Easter at my sisters boyfriends parents farm. and getting a sugar egg for the first time. and being confused as we’d only ever had chocolate eggs. At the same Easter getting an egg carton full of painted eggs and once again being confused.
I have more memories of Christmas than I do of Easter.
Its a shame as Easter is really the most important time of the Christian year.Christ died on Easter Friday probably April 3rd 33 AD.  and rose again on Easter Sunday . The pivotal event for a Christian. with out this event we would have remained forever fallen and in the power of Satan.
Thanks to the Savior doing for us what we couldn’t do for our selves.  He reversed the fall and enabled use to go back to the Fathers presences and to be part of his heavenly family again.


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