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A New Age Mormon

26 Feb

After returning from my mission in the mid-nineties. I got bored with the LDS church. The people that I saw at church were just such hypocrites.  They talk about angels and the spirit world and what happened in the bible. but then when asked why there weren’t in-evidence in there lives . They always made excuses.
So I went looking for something less boring. I looked at the early christian fathers and discovered this thing called Gnosticism. I wondered whether there were any of these around today . I discovered a group called Gnostic web.  I learned about mindfulness and meditation. but then I became disjointed there belief was one person could be on the path to knowledge at  anytime.  I just felt that that wasn’t right. I looked up the founder. He had gotten his info from a demon that had repented and was now working for God.
Then I discovered Astral travel. After a few experiences I knew the reality of the spirit realm. I was what I had been looking for. Actual interaction with the spirit realm not just words and excuses for why we couldn’t see angels anymore.
There is an unseen realm that surrounds us.  I learnt directly from the angels . I learnt to use crystals. I drew closer to Christ than I had ever been before. I was able to enjoy church and not be bored by it.

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