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Conspiracy Corner. Mandalay Bay false Flag.

14 Oct

Several Online contacts are posting about the Las Vegas shooting being a false flag event. I had  heard the term before and vaguely knew what its was but this event prompted me to look into the term,it basically means that an event happens  eg Las Vegas shootings. The government carries it out then someone else takes the  fall for what happened in this case Stephen paddock.
The accompanying image was share by my FB friend Sara C  . It seems to be being used more and more frequently wether they are happening more frequently is a different matter.

There are several that I have heard of off the top of my head.

Gulf of Tonkin incident, 9/11 , London Bombing,  Sandy Hook massacre,  Pulse Night Club shooting and now the Las Vegas shooting. These are just American ones there have been two that are suspected Australian ones Port Arthur Massacre and Martin Place Siege.

It occurred to me lately after re-watching 9 seasons of X-files and 24. it seems we have been conditioned for a long time to think that the governments of the world are hiding something from us.

it seems people are more likely to think an event is a false flag if those in charge are slow to provide the general pubic with information about the event .

I have not made up my mind either way as way  I am leaning toward there being something suspect about the Las Vegas Shootings.
its strange how there always seems to be some sort of training exercise going on in the vicinity of the event. three that I know of are 9/11, London bombings and now Las Vegas shootings.
I’m more of the opinion that that the government takes advantage of events that they know are about to happen by letting them play out or bolstering the event with crisis actors or second shooters ectera.

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