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September 23 Disappointment.

25 Sep

Even though I wrote about the sign meaning nothing and the probability of the events outlined in Revelation 12 actually happening. Yet as I watched the sun setting and looking for the moon and the planetary alignments. I couldn’t help but be disappointed that something didnt happen.
I can get the attraction of the pre trib rapture view of end times. not having to be worried about what is happening in the world knowing that you’ll be taken up at some time and avoid all the bad things that will happen during the end times.

i was repeating and examining my life for the week preceding the sign just in case iI was wrong and they were right. I was secretly hoping they were right. Life has been pretty sucky these last few years. At times it feels like its careering out of control.

There”s the constant battle with pain. The pain meds make me pretty dysfunctional If I don’t take them I’m functional for a while but then the pain overwhelms me. I power on as I know that f not me then who else will look after what is happening around me.
So  the idea of the rapture has some attraction. It will happen eventually but not til alot of other things have happened before it happens . I hope I can hold out til that day,


Final Revelation 12 Update.

22 Sep

I have seen some Youtube videos that argued that the rapture could take place a day or two before the sign on the 23 September,  I’m assuming that  the timing is based on what is happening at Jerusalem as that is the place that the scriptures refer to and are talking about.
Thanks to O Daughter of Zion.
She pointed out in that video that a similar sign had happened 190 years ago.
what is interesting is that it was on that day that the Mormons propose that the angel Moroni gave the golden plates to Josepth Smith to translate.
Since 3 BC and 2017 there are 170 chances of the sign happening as stated before Jupiter takes around 12 years to get back to Virgo again. It could be due to Jupiters influence but in the last century.  a number of important events have happened in years that Jupiter is in Virgo. 1969 man went to the moon and 1945 the end of WW2 to names a few. it could all just be a big coincidence.
Another  thing I have heard is that the sign has to be Virgo as  Revelation 12 says a women clothed in the sun. The pastors proposing this assume that Virgo is the only woman in the sky but she’s not Aquarius is as a women traditional .its just because the Stellarium program that they are using Aquarius looks like a man. There is also traditionally another women in the sky and that is Ophicius but once again Stellarium has it drawn as a man.
So which one is really the women that revelation 12 is talking about Virgo, Aquarius or Ophicuis, These are all on the elliptic so could be clothed with the sun when the sun is in the constellation.
We will know one way or another by the end of this weekend.
In my view there are still too many signs that have to take place before the Savior comes again  I feel that it will happen soon Hopefully in my life time. But most likely before the end of this century.


Revelation 12 Update

13 Sep

It bothered me that with my last presentation about revelation 12 that I wasn’t able to say for definite how often the conjunction of the 3 planets Mercury, Mars and Venus occurred. For the last few weeks I have been running different Iterations through the astronomy program Stellarium looking for  how often the conjunction of these three planets happened in Leo.
The conjunction needs to happen when Jupiter is in Virgo so that it fits the description in Revelation 12. Jupiter is in Virgo every 11.85 years. Then it could happen at each 12 year period . but it doesn’t. between 3BC and 2017 AD there are 170 times that Jupiter has been in Virgo. I will slowly look through each of these times to see if the conjunction happens at any other time.

Thanks to Micheal Hieser we know that it happened on September 11 3 BC and it will happen again on the 23 September 2017.  So that is about 2020 years apart. SO it at least happens every 2020 years. To prove this I went back to 4023 and we have the same conjunction. so it seems to hold that it happens about every 2020 years. Steve Cioccolanti has found another alignment near to 6000BC. I cant remember the exact youtube video that he mentions it in its either this or this
I hedging my bets here some say that the rapture of the church will happen on this day or just before. As stated in the last video I don’t think there is any thing significant in this that is conjunction in the  the sky.  I’m happy to be wrong and be raptured to be with Christ.
I will keep looking to see if there are any other times this junction has happened

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