Life isnt always Black and White

5 Aug

There is a new platform called Steemit. that I though I would start to post on so that I would be able to have a bigger social media presence.

Its always hard to find a way to introduce my self. I’m such a complex person who has had a lot of experiences in life. Which if I said one thing might prejudice some people but if I said something else it might prejudice others against me.

I feel that in today’s society we are gravitating to the extremes of left and right. Its why I called my channel graymatters for two reasons it a play on my name and also because the center the gray area between the two extremes matters.

I started life as a Mormon. I sort of got board of that in the late 1990’s.I still kept going hoping things would get better. I also dont like to ditch things that I have put a lot of time and effort into . I am an optimistic person so I stick with it hoping that things will eventually get better. I have had to many experiences to ditch Mormonism.
I have a gift that I will not go into at this time. while researching how to control this gift I got involved with Gnosticism. But when I heard that the leader was getting his info from a demon I dropped that but kept exploring on my own. They taught that on;y one person at a time could be on the road to enlightenment. The leader was given this info by a demon he was quite open that he was a demon but he told the leader that he’d decide to renounce Satan and follow God. but a lot of what they taught was contrary to the gospel.

I found that the experiences that I had made the gospel be more alive and more real. I know that there is a spirit world. I have been there. I also know that demons and the adversary are real I have battled with some of them.

I want to hedge my bets so I still consider myself an Atypical Mormon. I go to church most weeks. I am slightly left of center. I believe that both sides of the political spectrum have some useful attributes that I can incorporate into my life. My experiences give me a unique outlook on life. I feel that I have a story to tell that some others might be interested in.


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