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Research funding plea

26 Jun

This will the transcript for a future video that I I will make to request money for my research activities. I have been thinking about how to go about this for a while. upon waking this morning the words just came to me. I need to write them down before I forget them.
I’ll use a crowd funding site like gofund me or indiegogo.

Hi I’m Dave (picture of Me) and I love this book( picture of the Book of Mormon.) The words of this book  were taken from metal plates (picture of plates) There are numerous witness that attest to the reality of the plates. ( picture of witness holding plates). Were they a 19th century pious fraud as some propose(Pic). Were they from the american heartland as others propose. (Pic) were they form Mesoaamerica as most propose. (pic) were they from South America as others propose(Pic) or were they from somewhere else in the world as a few propose.
Until now there was no way to really know the answer to where the plates came from.

There is an artifact in the church history museum that can possibly answer the question of where the plates came from.(Pic)

The Joseph Smith lap desk was used for a time as the place where Joseph stored the plates after translating from them each day(pic). The curator of the Church history museum has given me preliminary permission to examine the artifact.

It is possible that micro-flakes from the plates that were in Josephs possession at the time are embedded in the wood of the artifact. (pic)

I would organise to get a 3D laser scan of the artifact as there elements that can be detected that can be missed by the naked eye. (Pic)

To test this I would X-ray, CT scan and MRI the artifact looking for metallic evidence on the artifact(pic).I would perform a rubbing ( Indiana Jones pic)of the inside bottom of the artifact to see if the weight of the plates crushed the wood fibers and left a noticeable impression  Its possible that due to the length of time since the plates were in there that nothing will be found.

However if metallic micro-flakes  are found then we could move on to further examination. Samples would be taken and tested in a spectrometer. each metal has a unique spectrographic signature(pic) . This signature can be used to pinpoint where in the world the metal came from. (pic)

All this testing cost money I would love to have the money to do this without asking anyone else as  the testing could end up not giving any conclusive answers(dollarpic).

I dont have the money or the means to do the testing myself so I am asking for your help to fund this project. If the artifact tests positive for metallic residue then the implications would be immense. however the main reason to do this and help fund my project is to help forward the work of the Lord rather than seeking personal glory( pic of the Lord).

So please fund my project so we can achieve something great.



Revelation 12. Decoded Debunked.

16 Jun

I have an email newsletter called prophecy news week that gets sent to me periodically.  Lately they have been proposing that the women mentioned in Revelation  12 is a unique alignment of astronomy.  At first I thought it was pretty cool and would make a great sign heralding the latter days.

I love astronomy and astrology.  So I looked into it.

There interpretation is that on September 23 2017. There will be a unique coming together of features to create this sign. Of Revelation 12. A women  (Virgo ) gives birth to a child (Jupiter )has the sun i  her hand and the moon at her feet and has a crown of twelve stars (stars of Leo , plus Mercury, Venus and Mars)

How unique is this arrangement. Not as unique as I first thought I currently use the astronomy program Stellarium.

Here’s what I found

1 September is the Month of Virgo .

2. The sun will be in Virgo every year at this time .

3. The moon passes by the feet of Virgo every year.

4. It takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun . Due to the shape of the constellations it is in some longer than others. It happens to be in Virgo for 9 months . Which does line up with Revelation 12 say the women was pregnant and gave birth. But it happens every twelve years so not really unique.

5. Leo as the  crown. Stellarium list there being 9 main stars in the constellation of Leo,but other astronomy programs and skymaps give give 10 and 11 stars in Leo. If you then add the 3 planets simple maths gives u more than 12 stars in the crown.

6 Mercury, Venus and Mars all orbit close to the sun so were the sun is  they will be relatively close by.

7 The constellation of Virgo on that day will be on the horizon. So most of the aspects listed above will be block by the brightness of the setting sun. Its only if you know what  to look for that you’d be able to see the so called great sign.

There is nothing special about the sign I think that its being used as away to drum up fear by people who make money off of scaring people that the Lord will be coming soon.

Micheal Hieser has a different view on what Revelation 12 means.

The traditional view of this Chapter is that it is symbolic That the women represents  Israel and that the child that is born is either Jesus or the church.

I hope this has clarified what this chapter means and that people are more informed.

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