Gray Matters 

13 Apr

Some time hopefully in the not too distant future I will start producing youtube videos.  I dont know wether to just call it Gray Matters . I have several different streams that I want to pursue.  At the moment Im thinking of using Cumorahmusings as the over all project name then having each other project under that  i see Gray matters as starting off being abt controversial topics. Ones that I feel there is too much extremeism in. I have a list of 7 topics that I immediately want to discuss.  Im thinking of limiting video length to 5 minutes. That way its suscint and will focus me on to the main points I want to discusd without me wandering off onto tangents. 

I also hope to post a blog post in relation to each video. 

I also hope to do a series called Gray’s Gospel about my interests in regards to my view of the bible and Christianity.  I hope that calling its Grays Gospel is not too pretensious.

If I can do it I also hope to turn then into podcasts or maybe use them to do a more in depth podcast. 

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas Im open to them. 


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