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Salt Lake is the word.

11 Dec

I noticed that from the stats that the times that I have gotten the most hits is when Salt lake is in the title. 

I wont abuse  it because it will be lile the boy who cried wolf. That eventually people will get indifferent abt it 

I also realized that there was one story from my time in Mexico. When  I was on my walk to the center of Mexico City I was abt to cross a busy street .  I was looking for the crossing button. I couldnt see one. Then I saw a button which I pressed. It was only after I pressed it that I realised the spanish was saying only press in an emergency . A lady spoke to me through a speaker .  

It startled me at first as I didnt realise there was a speaker. I tried to explian to her that it was a mistake .  eventually they got someone who could speak English. As my Spanish was very basic 

 I explianed to to then that were I’m  from there is always a button to ptrss to cross the street. I thought it was that button.

The guy explained to me that its illegal to press the button when it is not an emergency .  He instructed me to stay where I was. 

I panicked and continued walking rather than wait for the police also my time was limited .  abt 15 mins later a police car pulled up next to me. one of them could speak English. he asked if i was the one who pressed the button. 

Yes I replied .  I explianed to them the reason why. they were  very understanding They let me continue on my way. They also wanted to make sure that I was feeling safe and if there was anything that they could do for me. I thought of asking if they could drop me off in the center of the city but thought better of it. I replied that I was ok. They got in thier car they followed me till I reached the next major st then turned around and drove off. .  

I kept on envisioning that they were going to drag me off to spend time in some seedy Mexican prison .  that I’d miss my plane and everything would go pear shaped . 

But it all turned out ok.

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