Travelling Home

18 Nov

I woke up at 4 am . I did remember to get my washing . At 4.30 Kirk and I travelled to the Salt Lake City Airport .  I said my goodbyes .  Thanked Kirk for everything that he had done to help me. 

While I was waiting I checked on my various wait times and how long  they would be. .There was hardly any time between one flight and the next.

On the flight from La to Gongshou I was asked if I would change seats so  a family could be together .  So I did swap. but then this mother with a young baby sat next to me. I thought it would mean I’d have a terrible trip but the baby was really well behaved .  maybe cried once on the 15hr flight. her toddler son however was a bit of a nightmare but the father spent most of the trip keeping him entertained. 

In the waiting line at LA I seemed to have made an impression on a sister missionary returning home to Vietnam after an 18 month mission in LA. 

We got to china late so I was really petrified that I would miss my plane . I dont know why it was different this time but instead of just walking down the ramp to the next area. We were hearded on to buses the taken to awaiting area then when our flight was ready we were loaded on to another bus and taken to the plane. 

The plane was in the middle of the tarmac so I had to walk up some really steap stairs to get to the plane. 

Another 9 hr flight and hear i am now about to get off the plane. After not having seen my family since the 20 October its now the 18th of November .  

Well till the next time I travel goodbye thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with me.Till next time adios amigos.


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