Provo time.

17 Nov

The night before I was to leave with Kiek at 8 and he would drop me at Mt. Timpanogus Temple .  but he was unsure if the temple was open. 

If the temple wasnt open then the alternate plan was for me to use Shannons car and drive to provo. 

I checked and the Mt. Timpanogus Temple was closed till monday. 

When I woke up there was a note . There was a note asking if i could drop Shannon off to school if Mt Timpanogus was shut which I knew know that it was. 

So I left wirh Shannon at 8.30 and dropped her off for a day of teaching .  

Even though Mt.Timpanogus was closed Iwent there any way. I took lots of photos from many different ditections.

After apwnding abt 30mins there I typed provo temple into my phones gps and headed there . 

I don’t  know how when traveling people got around before gps .On this whole trip gps has been invaluable in guiding us 

I got to Provo and went to the temple and had a wonderful time. 

When i got out i went to the car and checked the gps ro see how far aware BYU was it was only a 20 minutes  walk. .so I decided to walk rather than drive. 

After wandering around BYU for a while I found the Admin building .  Near it there were this group jumping into a big pile of leaves .  it was to show support for the himeless and those with out food. the group was seeking donations . I considered jumping into the leaves. but due to health reasons decided against it.

I would probably have a major allergic reaction to the leaves. 

So I went to the admin building .  took me a while tobfind it because the info map was not oriented correctly . 

But eventually I did. then I talk to them abt where to go to find out info for my research project. They suggested that I talk to the graduate studies people . 

The gave me a map and pointed me in the right direction .  

I found the graduate studies building eventually . They were very helpful and gave me the phone number of someone to inquire with more abt scanning an artifact . 

They also encouraged me to come and study at BYU extolling the viruses of the university .  

So I walked back to my car after that.Then programmed in to the gps to go to Provo City  center Temple . 

It was abt when i got there I was very tired. I thougjt of doing another Temple session but decided against it in the end. A combination of needing tonget upbat 4am the next morning and my already being tired . 

So I took some photos of the outside and the grounds. Then headed back to the Magelbys. I arrived back at abt 4pm. I was starving from not having eaten for most of the day. Its a good thing that the Magelbys seem to like having an early dinner. we had leftover turkey and pumkin pie. 

When it was dark enough i went outside and looked at the stars it something i had been meaning to do for a long time but kept for getting it was clear when i first went out there but some clouds where starting to drift in. i saw the big dipper. and the pole star. it wasnt as impressive as i alway imagined it to be 

It started to get cold so I went inside.There were still a couple of questions I needed to ask kirk. So we discussed those. Kirk also gave me some books to take home with me.

Shannon suggested that wash any dirty washing so i did that . then put it on to dry and went to be hoping that I would remember the washing in the morning . 


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