Temple square and Brother Brigham

16 Nov

After I woke up I had some vegemite on a sandwich . Then I got Kirk to drop me at temple square. I needed to go back to the church history museum. As my phone was fully charged this time I was able to take alot of photos .
Also I needed to go back there and talk to the curator again. I wanted more specifics about how to go about writing the research proposal.  So that was the first thing I did. but he said he was busy for a few hours . so i decided to try to talk to him again at about 3. I had agreed with Kirk for him to pick me up at 4.

So I went through the museum again I got as many photos as I could from as many different angels of the lapdesk. then took more photos of the rest of the museum,

Then I went to the family history library to see if they could help me with some of my family history that I’m stuck with. I was able to find another child for Mary Harely and John Gray. which is good. so after that I headed to temple square with it being Monday the temple was closed. SO i was only able to take alot of photos of the outside. but it is still a beautiful uplifting place. Then I went to the visitors center. I also went in side the tabernacle and the conference center by this time it was close to 3  so decided to go back to the church history museum.

We got in contact with Alan and he said he’d be down inn about 20 mins. but he didn’t show and when the ladies at the desk tried to contact him his phone wasn’t answering.  So I didn’t get to clarify what should be in the proposal so i guess it will just have to  be an email exchange.

Kirk picked me up at 4. he asked me what I wanted to do .i responded that I would like a uniquely utahan experience. So we went to a place called Chuck-o-rama. for dinner . They had everything there that is associated with Thanksgiving. Turkey ,mashed potato corn. pecan pie pumpkin pie. an assorted lot of salad. It was a bit like Sizzler back home .

Kirk had asked earlier if Id be interested in seeing a theater production based on Brigham young’s life. I was sure Brigham young is my favorite prophet.

So after eating at chuck-o-rama we went to the theater and saw James Arlington in Heres Brother Brigham. It was funny at times and thoughtful and moving at others. it was a one man show. but at the end he announced that this was the last show he was ever going to do as he was leaving on a mission to Tennesee. I talked to James Artlington later and thanked him for a great show.

By the time that we got home it was abt 10pm so I went strait to bed.



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