Back in Salt Lake. 

15 Nov

I slept like a log for 12 hrs There arr some like 36 wards in American Fork I went to 29th ward. two other wards meet in the same building from what i could tell. we started at 11am. It was primary program day

 so it was great to see all the kids singing thier touching songs. it was a very uplifting meeting 

This guy Patrick acted as my guide for tje rest of the day .  showed me to gospel doctrine class. then on to priesthood i was a bit shocked when they were talking about going on a turkey shoot 

 i thought they were going to kill real turkey’s they were so enthusiastic about it .  but i learnt later from sister  Magleby that its who ever hits the most targets win a turkey .  not actually about killing turkeys . 

We came home and haf a mini thanksgiving dinner. turkey pumpkin pie cranberry was all very yummy.

Afterwards kirk and i went to his office and talked about the trip. Then we skyped Larry Poulsen so I could talk to him abt what I had actually zeen. He was quite happy that someone had actually been on the ground .  

Then kirk had to go out at 6.30 pm so i did some work on my finding Zarahemla book. the at 9 went to sleep.


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