Adios Mexico

14 Nov

I had a really good sleep that night probably the best id had while in Mexico. I was teady to go by 7.30. I didnt know what time Warrens flight left but I really wanted to see him before he left cause I never really knew what he thought abt me being there. 

So I had omelete and a diet coke. I wanted to lrave at 8 so I’d have enough time to get to templo Major and back before my flight left and also before tje hotels check out time. 

I waited till 8.30 but no show from Warren . so i figured that his flight must have left really  early in the morning . 

It ended  up being almost 9 by the time I left. It was a 5 km walk to Templo Major from the hotel . which should take abt an hour to walk 

So o set off. all was going well till abt half way.i got the map a bit flipped around so went in the wrong direction for ant ten minutez.then i got it workef out amd headed im the right direction . 

Tbis ate into my time so o started to walk faster to get to Templo Major .  the rest was uneventful .  I walked atound  ot really looking at thr time 

Taking  lots of photos . but when  i did look at the time i saw that I only had 1hr and 10 mins to get back to the hotel.  so I sped walk most of the way back . 

I got back at 10 to 1 .packed up my stuff handed in my key and headed to the airport . Terminal 1 was across the road from the hotel .  so i walk through the terminal looking for Delta air line I didnt gind it on the ground floor so on the way back i looked on floor 2 when i had arrivedi had landed at terminal 2 so by the time o arrived back at the door that id come in i was exhausted and it was getting close to 2 so i was starting to get worried abt missing my plane. because going throughcustoms can take ages .  .i.was amazed therewas nearly no one in the customs line. by the time i got through there was still an hour to wait before the plane left .  

Them when i was boarding the plane the strangest thing happened i could have sworn that i saw my sister in law Sharon . but maybe  i was mistaken .  

I was by the window this time so was able to take photos  during the trip. but zi mainly watched big bang theory . 

We arrived in salt lake a bit late. kirk met me at the airport . i got to his place had some tamales that Shannon had made then went to sleep . 




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