12 Nov

We left the hotel early amd drove  to cholua 

We were  up early as we had a long drive ahead of us  in the afternoon

 we had a choice between  Caxcala and Cholula   I choese Cholula  ss it was earlier it went  back to 0ad. were ss cacaxla only went bavl to 700sd. 

Cholula reportedly  has tbe biggest pyramid  u volume in the world.

I also hoped that i might be able to connect  to the site and get some info.

But a frustrating thing  happened early in the day I found out that i hadnt plugged  my phone into the charger properly .I tried  to conserve  the battery  as much  as possible  by not takening too many photos  but it went flat before we’d  finised touring the  site

So I didnt get as many shots of  the pyramid as i would have liked. but they are in my memory 


We walked to tbe site museum  which outlined tne sites history

 then we went to a tunnel.that archaeologists had dug through the center of the pyramid so they could work out the different layers . 

There were several descriptions in the tunnels abt what we were seeing. 

When we got  out we went to other areas around the plaza .  seeing other smaller buildings .

As we were walking back to the car there were several market stalls.  I looked at a couple. There were these cute  little  turtles so i bought 4 for the kids

 Then there was this other stall that had another turtle plus there was this plaque that had the aztec Sunstone flanked by pyramids. so it looks really cool . 

So i got then and then went to the car.then we headed on a few hour drive to morelos. Found a hotel for the night and prepared for the next day. 

The otjers went out but i stayed in the hotel and went to sleep after talking to fiona . 


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