Farewell Cumorah land.

11 Nov

We didn’t hear wether the roadblock had been lifted at Cerro Rabon. So Warren decided that we’d  gotten enough photos the day before.

So we headed away from Cerro Rabon. saying goodbye to the last Cumorah candidate that we were going  to look at.

We had a 5 hour drive to Puebla .  When we got there it was late in the afternoon .  Alejandro gave us a bit of a tour with it being his home town . Then dropped is off at a nice hotel.

After I was settled in i went  for a walk. I found a Burger King. got a chicken burger then came back. I saw a bakery on the way back and got a muffin.

I Talked to Fiona and pho via video call as this hotel had good wifi. then caught up on all the news from the alt right sights that I follow. Then went to sleep  .Ready for another day of exploration in the morning .

So that part of our journey comes to a close. we started our long journey back to Mexico city. We decided to go via Puebla so that Alejandros  could see his family .  I thought that we might stay at Alejandros house at first but then he started looking for a hotel for us. Im insure whose idea it was for us to stay at a Hotel. but it wouldn’t have been what I chose.

Well now that we have traveled the Length of Veracruz looking at Cumorah candidates what has we achieved and why did I feel such a compulsion such a burning need to be on this trip . Now that its nearly over I cant see any time on the trip were my being here made a crucial difference .

Now that we’ve looked at them all there are some that can be ruled out and others, where more research and time spent in the area will be needed before a final decision can be made.


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