Cerro San Martin

9 Nov

We left Minatitlan after having breakfast at 8am. The road to Cerro San Martin was in a bad way so while the trip computer estimated that it would take 40mims it was more like an hour. The closest town to Cerro San Martin was Pajapan . on the way there their was an inlet from th he sea that came almost to the road .part of the problem i was having was that it was so flat that it hard to see anything but scrubby trees. 

It must flood alot in the rainy season the road was raised ny several feet and there were sevetal bridges over currently dry creek beds. 

Once we reached the foot hills . the views over the flat plain were spectacular .  

We arrived at Pajapan .  we asked a local if we could get around the hill. to my way of thinking it was more a mountain than a hill. 

We spent the rest of the day slowly working our way around the mountain taking photos. at one point we went to the coast again to see what the locals called the turtle rock it didnt look lime that much of a turtle to me. 

We got most of the way round . it was abt 2 pm we had a 4hr drive to Tuxtapec .  so we wrnt to head there to find the roaf blocked.

The locals were protesting by blocking the road. it was a political dispute with the former state governer. a few months ago he disappeared take 10 million dollars with him. so the locals where protesting that nothing seemed to being done to find him. Warren tried to talk his way throught thr road block but to no available .  

So we had to go a long way out of our way to avoid the roadblock. we followed the route that we’d taken in the morning and ended up back at Pajapan .  Then a few hours later we hit another road block at a toll booth just before the turnoff to Tuxtapec .  A couple of busloads of people were there blocking the road. there were police at this one rounding up the protesters out exit took the longest to clear as we were closet to were there buses were 

It seemed like we were waiting for ages but it probably wasn’t that long. we continued on to Tuxtapec. instead of shopping around for hotels. like we normally do we picked the first nice looking one we came to. it is called the hotel Mirador.It backs on to the river. 

We got in a 7 dropped our luggage off then went to dinner. 

We came back . I went and watched tv. Fox news for a few hours. then did some reading i meant to read for only an hour but ended up reading for closer to 3 hrs. before going to sleep. I also hand washed some clothes as i hand no clean clothes left. wasnt really looking forward to wearing wet clothes the next day but at least I’ll be cool. 

I hope Alejandro find a laundry .  


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