La Cascada

8 Nov

We met in the hotel foya at the usual time of 8 am and then headed to breakfast together. we were all very much suprised when Julio turned up we thought it was because he wanted to accompany us for the day but sadly no he just wanted to see us before we left . 

It seems that we have developed a teally good contact in Julio

 after breakfast we had a bit of time before we were due to leave so i went across to the markets. i got a turtle in cempoala so since i have been looking for more. 

I saw what i thought was an amethyst turtle. but the guy wanted 250 peso. which i thoughy was a bit steep . so went away

Warren has been looking for a sharks tooth for his grandson for the whole trip so when i saw one at the market i bought it for him. 

But then i thought is that the whole reason God sent me on the trip. i thought it was for some profound reason to do with Cumorah. It never occured to me that it could be for some other reason.

He was  very grateful and payed me back for it

 i just couldnt help it so i went back and bought the turtle .  after looking at it i now think its a lizard with the tail missing.

So i went back to the hotel and we headed of saying goodbye to Catemeco . 

WE headed for la cascada. it wasnt very far from Catemeco .  

I was surprised at the size of the waterfall. it was quite large and very beautiful. like a Mexican niagara falls. we stayed there for a while then left.

we headed for Minititlan. this was the closest we could get to cerro san martin .  

We found a nice hotel and settled in. i went for a walk around the block it was quite suprising to see an oil refinery in the middle of town. we normally keep.them away from people .  

When i was walking i saw a subway so decided to have a sub for dinner. 

Then headed back. as i do at most hotels i checkef to see if there were and english news channels i found CNN so watched that for a couple of hours then went to sleep. 


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