Lake Catemeco. 

7 Nov

As I said yesterday I set my alarm earlier than  normal . i woke up at 6 had a shower to wake up took my pain meds.I couldnt function during the day without it. 

So I met the others down stairs at abt we walked down to the lake. we met the local anthropologist julio. to my surprise we wete to board a boat and go on the lake.. 

It was a small boat so any little movemenr rocked it. so i.was petrified the whole time that the boat was gonna capsize so i hung on as tight as i could. Warren kept on moving all over the boat to take photos every time he did the boat rocked and i feared we were going to capsize .  

I wished i could tell him to stop moving but it was my fear not his problem and I figured that confronting it was want pamela would want rather than runnimg away. 

Its was when i went to take photos that i realisef my phone hadnt properly charged the night before. 

So i tried my best to save the battery not taking as many photos as i had on previos days. 

Julio told us that there was an olmec site near the shore of the lake that he was trying to find a large statue. but he was unsuccessful .  he feared it was due to the lake level being high at the moment so a fallen over staue would be underwater. but he said there were others along the lake we went in and out of coves along a 500m stretch of the shore looking at different large stones to see if they were statues .  we found a couple of petroglyphs at one point. 

Julio owned a tract of jungle on the shore of the lake. so we visited that then headed back. we had a late breakfast with julio at about 9.30 rhen went back to the hotel for 30mins. Julio had other business to attend to but wantex us to see an artifact that he had at his mother’s house so we went there it was a small carved head . it reminded me of wilson from tbe castaway it had some parrel lines catved in the back of it head julio said tbat the head represented the corn god.homshuk. I found out later that Frans Blom had visited the lake catameco site and called it La Victoria in the 1940s. .

After a short break at the hotel we jumped in the car . warren wanted to see Monte Pio. it took us a very long time to.get there we stopped several times along the way to take photos .  

My phone was flat by the time we got there so i hsve no photos of Monte Pio. it is a very nice beach we had an early dinnr there.

Then headed back it tooks us quicker to get back i suppose cause we weren’t stopping to take photos. we did stop once to visit a waterfall 

 when i got back i contacted fi after my phone was a bit charged. but she too was tired so didn’t want to chat 

 so i listened to so podcasts and some youtube videos and finished by reading a bit of a novel them went to sleep.


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