Lazy Day.

6 Nov

I got up at 7 as usual and was down in the foya by 8 but was met by Alejandro and told we were leaving at ten so i went back up stairs and went to sleep i woke up just before ten and packed my bags and went down stairs. 

So we left Saintiago Tuxla heading to Catameco . it didnt take us very long to get there. We chose the berthangel hotel. Then.we had a laid back day. the new place had secure wifi unlike the old place but I had a lot of trouble actually getting on . 

I was very tired for some reason like id overloaded on sugar but i hadnt. i didnt want to sleep cause if i did sleep in the middle of the day then i wouldn’t sleep at night. 

I couldnt get logged in. i decided to clear my head by going for a walk around Catameco. walking along by the lake edge. 

The glare off the water made me think about getting sunglasses. I looked at couple of pairs but decided against it.

I then walked back to the hotel. 

I went back to my computer to try and log on to the wifi again and the idea came to clear the browser cache. I did that and then i could connect to the wifi. 

I video chatted with the family. 

Then watched a few youtube videos .

That was almost the end of my lazy day. there was a knock on the door. Alejandro was there to tell me that hed arranged for us to meet a local anthropologist but we had to leave at 7. 

So I set my alarm for an hour earlier  then went to sleep.


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