Up the hill Ve Higia

5 Nov
  1. The weather was clear yesterday so we set our sights on getting to the top of Ve Higia . So after having breakfast we set out. 

We drove to the end of the concrete road and got out. Alejandro had tried yesterday to drive further and it didnt work so today decided to play it safe and just stay on the concrete road. 

While it was only a short walk to yhe top it was quite steep. there were some beautiful waterfalls on the way .  near the top we came to a gate . A man was telling us that we could go further. he worked for the people who own to relay towers 

 there had been some vandalism previosly so now they weren’t letting strangers  up the hill.  Alejandro used his excellent diplomatic skills and some bribery and we go through the gate. 

When we got to the top were met by another rekay station employee .  he was quite friendly .  he offered us water so we all refilled our water bottles .  

He said that there was a track that went tound the top of the mountain bit it went through private lands. 

So we went down to the track it was gated. but we could see workers so Alejandro called out to them. The owner came over to us. He was quite mad. he kept pointing angrily at  the toweres while Alejandro was talking to him

 but he had no beef with us so allowed us to walk along the the track . by this time some clouds had rolled in and there wasn’t much to see. Alejandro had stopped to rest while warren and I had gone on ahead. . The track curved around the hill at one point so i stopped for a break while Warren went a head .  There several workers in the area they came and tried to talk to me but i could really communicate with the limited spanish i know. 

Warren had left some photos of the hill next to his bag. The workers were fascinated by theze talking animatefly amongst them selfs . Alejandro  caught up to use then. he briefly talked to the workers

 Trying to find out abt the road around the hill. The workers advised against taking the road as it was over grown and we were likely to get lost

 So while Warren wanted to try any way Alejandro thought it wise to listen to the locals .so we turned around and headed back to the car 

It was easier to get to the car than it had been getting to the top. 

Due to the storms and rain the day before the ground was all mushy. So Alejandro had a hard time getting the car turned around 

 if he went on the grass he would lose traction 

 At one point the front wheel got bogged on the mud. Warren pushed the car oit I felt bad for not helping due to my back

 we finally got the car  turned around and headed back to town. 

In afew hours we were going to the museum  to meet a man who might be able to get id acess to a storage warehouse that supposedly had arrow heads we couldook at. 

So we agreed to meet back  at the foyer at 3


Alejandro went to get the car washed . So I went with him. but on the wah there I saw barber. So jumped out of the car. I had been thinking about getting a haircut for a while i meant to get one before i left but never got round  to it.

It looked like the place was very busy. but Tony of of the barbers indicated for me to sit in an empty chait.

Hr asked me where i was from I said Australia .  he replied ah yes Italia . he told his brothers and frinds in the shop. i said no Australia.  but he didnt listen. so i went ahead with the haircut. Tony told me that he is working to save money so he can go have a better life in Canada 

 while saintiago is nice he hates mexoco. he has been to the US but likes Canada better.  he told me that all the people in the shop where his brothers.  they owned the business together.

He asked how it was in italia. Made a reference to Pavarotti.  once again i said im from Australia.  hea like oh Australia. Steve Irwin gator man. I lily yes. and kangaroos.

Then he told his brothers daves from Australia  not Italia .Then they have a conversation that i cant follow

I finished then it was 35 pesos   ut i gave tony 50 instead. it works out to be abt $2.5 in Australian  dollars .  

After that i went to the bank and got more money out. then headed back to the hotel. at 3.30 i met with the others and went to the museum 

Alejandro talked to the guy but it seemed like there would be alot of paperwork amd beurocraacy so we gave it a miss .  we went and had dinner. discusseing what to do next

Alejandro got a yext from kirk. he would be coming because there’d been a family tragedy .  

So we called it a day and went back to the hotel. 


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