Stormy days.

4 Nov

We finally decided to tackle a day of mountain climbing. so we headed to cerro ve higia .  it was clear when we headed out. there is a road to the very top. we stopped several times to take photos when we were abt half way the wind started to pick up and the clouds started to roll in . so we got in the car hoping that we could get to the top before our view was completely obscured .  a few kilometers from the top the concrete rd ended and turned to a dirt road  Alejandro was reluctant to proceed but we convinced him to try. he got a few hundred meters further on and the car lost all traction and couldn’t continue . 

So we considered walking to the top. but then the clouds started to roll in. a taxi came down the hill and Alejandro asked him abt conditions at the top. he outlined that the top was only a 4-5 minutes drive but visibility was small. so we decided to call it quits for the day and try again tommorrow 

So we went back to the hotel. I didnt mean to fall asleep but I did. I was woken by a knock at the door I thought it migjt be one of my companions . but it was the cleaning crew so they came in and did their thing. then left.made me think abt how nice it would be to have a hispanic maid. to cook clean and nanny .  

It took them abt 15mins to clean the room. so i was well and truly awake by rhat time. i tried to find a channel on tv that was in english but no luck .  i found  a channel playing mr bean so watched that for an hour. tried some other channels after that but they weren’t as engaging . 

At 4.30pm  I thought that i would go downstairs and see if Alejandro or warren were there. so i waited. .i found that the Internet was better in the foya so didnt mind waiting .  Warren appeared around 5.30. but didnt know were Alejandro was .Then headed off to get something for himself .  by 6 Alejandro hadnt appeared . so i went for  a walk around the town. found out that pepsi kick is sugar free. so got one then headed back to the hotel. 

Used my Spanish learning program to learn more spanish .  did that for 1.6 hrs then went to sleep. At 4 in the morning for some reason an alarm went off on my phone. 

I ocassionanly listen to this podcast by Stefan molyneux .  the last one that I listened to he unfairly shredded a caller for beliving in determinism. Arguing that free will was king. it has bothered me so much that I had to look up the philosophical defination of the two terms to see what the current status of the argument is in the philosophical world. so when the alarm woke me i searched the terms on Wikipedia and did some reading .  

Some were along the way I discovered that stefan molyneux had debated Aaron Hawker in 2013. Aaron is someone that i really admire. So I thought it would be great to hear the debate. I listened to abt 30 mins then the internet dropped out So I went back to sleep for what remained of the night.


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