Santiago Tuxlas.

3 Nov

We left Alvarado shortly after having breakfast its a big fishing town .so i had a tortia with fishs in it. 

Saintiago Tuxlas wasnt very far away. but we still needed to get some good pics of the orea so we stopped a few times to do that. We arrived ant 10 an d put our stuff at the hotel .then went to the nearby site of tres zapotes. An olmec site the dates to the ending of that Civilization in 400bc .  

It was a small museum with many of the same artifacts that wed seen in Xalapa .  the most important exhibit there was s topographic map of the surrounding area 

 i consider this important as its not something that i have seen in any of my searching about Cumorah in the area.
Then we came back to the hotel . Agreeing to met back  together in the early afternoon. 

I was going to have a sleep. but needed more cash. so went to the atm. on my way I saw a sign for a museum. So i got my cash then went to the museum.  it was small

 but it had a good collection of spanish artifacts. 

We had give washing to the laundress earlier in the day and needed to pick it up at 5.30. so we had am early  dinner.  Then headed to the laundress .  

We had planned to celebrate day of the dead with the locals at the cemetery .  but Alejandro told us that it had been canceled due to a mossie viral outbreak .  so i went back to the hotel.

The internet at this hotel is pretty crappy so i spent a couple of hours cleaning out unused files on my computer. then went to sleep

Cerro ve higia has been considered the candidate for cumorah since palmer proposed it in 1981. 

There are flaws to it being cumorah that is what we are here to look into. kirk and warren think that the Tuxlas are the right area but that cerro ve higia is not necessarily the right hill. 

We are still deciding wether to have a rest day today and do a lot of walking through the hills tomorrow .  or the other way around. currently its looks like walking today  and rest tomorrow 

Also what do is being determined by wether kirk is coming down here. .He has spent alot of time in the area before. so we think that he will want to be doing new things amd not retreading old ground. so we are trying to do some  things before he comes.


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