2 Nov

Yesterday we travelled from Xalapa to Alvarado.first we stopped at two sites that we thought might be Olmec but turned out to be epi classic postclassic. Cempoala and Quinjuain . we spent some time at both sites. the interesting thing about Quinjuain was the circular temple of Quetzlcoatl. it was oriented to the 4 cardinal directions. 

Aftet leaving these site we wanted to look at Boca del Rio there are native legends that this was were the ancestors landed. The site is on the outskirts Vera cruc city and is now part of the port so all natural features have been obliterated . 

So we didn’t stop. 

But we did go past the Vera Cruc temple and I was able to get some pics as we drove by.

Next we continued driving to the papalopan wetlands .  we tried to get some pics but yhe area is so.flat that its hard to get s good view of the wetlands

 The papalopan wetlands are a possible important marker to Cumorahs location

 The Book of Mormon out lines that the hill should be one day south or east of what the Jaredites called Ripliancum. which was some undefined geographic feature that meant large or to exceed all. Larry Poulsen outlines how he thinks that this is the jaredites name for the sea. most other lds scholars think that it is some type of lagoon system or marsh land or a combination of both. hence why the papalopan wetlands has been suggested .  

Today we will possibly explore the wetlands more before heading  to the Tuxlas. 


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