Xalapa and surronds.

1 Nov

We met one final time with Arturo and had breakfast which ended up lasting till ten then we jumped in the car our main goal of the day was to go to the second best museum in mexico. it is at Xalapa we reached there in the early afternoon  

There was no parking on site so we had to park in the street it was quite busy so we had to walk a fair way. 

Mexico has this policy that all there museums are free on sundays. I suppose that its to encouge people to visit them.

The museum was larger than expected. there were two levels one devoted to the olmec the other to the maya. we were mainly interested in the olmec. so we just covered the bottom floor .  

By 4 in the afternoon we were exhausted so trudged wearily back to the car. we were going to stay in Xalapa but decided instead to carry on to closer to our next point the closest point that we could find a hotel was cardell. 



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