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Travelling Home

18 Nov

I woke up at 4 am . I did remember to get my washing . At 4.30 Kirk and I travelled to the Salt Lake City Airport .  I said my goodbyes .  Thanked Kirk for everything that he had done to help me. 

While I was waiting I checked on my various wait times and how long  they would be. .There was hardly any time between one flight and the next.

On the flight from La to Gongshou I was asked if I would change seats so  a family could be together .  So I did swap. but then this mother with a young baby sat next to me. I thought it would mean I’d have a terrible trip but the baby was really well behaved .  maybe cried once on the 15hr flight. her toddler son however was a bit of a nightmare but the father spent most of the trip keeping him entertained. 

In the waiting line at LA I seemed to have made an impression on a sister missionary returning home to Vietnam after an 18 month mission in LA. 

We got to china late so I was really petrified that I would miss my plane . I dont know why it was different this time but instead of just walking down the ramp to the next area. We were hearded on to buses the taken to awaiting area then when our flight was ready we were loaded on to another bus and taken to the plane. 

The plane was in the middle of the tarmac so I had to walk up some really steap stairs to get to the plane. 

Another 9 hr flight and hear i am now about to get off the plane. After not having seen my family since the 20 October its now the 18th of November .  

Well till the next time I travel goodbye thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with me.Till next time adios amigos.

Provo time.

17 Nov

The night before I was to leave with Kiek at 8 and he would drop me at Mt. Timpanogus Temple .  but he was unsure if the temple was open. 

If the temple wasnt open then the alternate plan was for me to use Shannons car and drive to provo. 

I checked and the Mt. Timpanogus Temple was closed till monday. 

When I woke up there was a note . There was a note asking if i could drop Shannon off to school if Mt Timpanogus was shut which I knew know that it was. 

So I left wirh Shannon at 8.30 and dropped her off for a day of teaching .  

Even though Mt.Timpanogus was closed Iwent there any way. I took lots of photos from many different ditections.

After apwnding abt 30mins there I typed provo temple into my phones gps and headed there . 

I don’t  know how when traveling people got around before gps .On this whole trip gps has been invaluable in guiding us 

I got to Provo and went to the temple and had a wonderful time. 

When i got out i went to the car and checked the gps ro see how far aware BYU was it was only a 20 minutes  walk. .so I decided to walk rather than drive. 

After wandering around BYU for a while I found the Admin building .  Near it there were this group jumping into a big pile of leaves .  it was to show support for the himeless and those with out food. the group was seeking donations . I considered jumping into the leaves. but due to health reasons decided against it.

I would probably have a major allergic reaction to the leaves. 

So I went to the admin building .  took me a while tobfind it because the info map was not oriented correctly . 

But eventually I did. then I talk to them abt where to go to find out info for my research project. They suggested that I talk to the graduate studies people . 

The gave me a map and pointed me in the right direction .  

I found the graduate studies building eventually . They were very helpful and gave me the phone number of someone to inquire with more abt scanning an artifact . 

They also encouraged me to come and study at BYU extolling the viruses of the university .  

So I walked back to my car after that.Then programmed in to the gps to go to Provo City  center Temple . 

It was abt when i got there I was very tired. I thougjt of doing another Temple session but decided against it in the end. A combination of needing tonget upbat 4am the next morning and my already being tired . 

So I took some photos of the outside and the grounds. Then headed back to the Magelbys. I arrived back at abt 4pm. I was starving from not having eaten for most of the day. Its a good thing that the Magelbys seem to like having an early dinner. we had leftover turkey and pumkin pie. 

When it was dark enough i went outside and looked at the stars it something i had been meaning to do for a long time but kept for getting it was clear when i first went out there but some clouds where starting to drift in. i saw the big dipper. and the pole star. it wasnt as impressive as i alway imagined it to be 

It started to get cold so I went inside.There were still a couple of questions I needed to ask kirk. So we discussed those. Kirk also gave me some books to take home with me.

Shannon suggested that wash any dirty washing so i did that . then put it on to dry and went to be hoping that I would remember the washing in the morning . 

Temple square and Brother Brigham

16 Nov

After I woke up I had some vegemite on a sandwich . Then I got Kirk to drop me at temple square. I needed to go back to the church history museum. As my phone was fully charged this time I was able to take alot of photos .
Also I needed to go back there and talk to the curator again. I wanted more specifics about how to go about writing the research proposal.  So that was the first thing I did. but he said he was busy for a few hours . so i decided to try to talk to him again at about 3. I had agreed with Kirk for him to pick me up at 4.

So I went through the museum again I got as many photos as I could from as many different angels of the lapdesk. then took more photos of the rest of the museum,

Then I went to the family history library to see if they could help me with some of my family history that I’m stuck with. I was able to find another child for Mary Harely and John Gray. which is good. so after that I headed to temple square with it being Monday the temple was closed. SO i was only able to take alot of photos of the outside. but it is still a beautiful uplifting place. Then I went to the visitors center. I also went in side the tabernacle and the conference center by this time it was close to 3  so decided to go back to the church history museum.

We got in contact with Alan and he said he’d be down inn about 20 mins. but he didn’t show and when the ladies at the desk tried to contact him his phone wasn’t answering.  So I didn’t get to clarify what should be in the proposal so i guess it will just have to  be an email exchange.

Kirk picked me up at 4. he asked me what I wanted to do .i responded that I would like a uniquely utahan experience. So we went to a place called Chuck-o-rama. for dinner . They had everything there that is associated with Thanksgiving. Turkey ,mashed potato corn. pecan pie pumpkin pie. an assorted lot of salad. It was a bit like Sizzler back home .

Kirk had asked earlier if Id be interested in seeing a theater production based on Brigham young’s life. I was sure Brigham young is my favorite prophet.

So after eating at chuck-o-rama we went to the theater and saw James Arlington in Heres Brother Brigham. It was funny at times and thoughtful and moving at others. it was a one man show. but at the end he announced that this was the last show he was ever going to do as he was leaving on a mission to Tennesee. I talked to James Artlington later and thanked him for a great show.

By the time that we got home it was abt 10pm so I went strait to bed.


Back in Salt Lake. 

15 Nov

I slept like a log for 12 hrs There arr some like 36 wards in American Fork I went to 29th ward. two other wards meet in the same building from what i could tell. we started at 11am. It was primary program day

 so it was great to see all the kids singing thier touching songs. it was a very uplifting meeting 

This guy Patrick acted as my guide for tje rest of the day .  showed me to gospel doctrine class. then on to priesthood i was a bit shocked when they were talking about going on a turkey shoot 

 i thought they were going to kill real turkey’s they were so enthusiastic about it .  but i learnt later from sister  Magleby that its who ever hits the most targets win a turkey .  not actually about killing turkeys . 

We came home and haf a mini thanksgiving dinner. turkey pumpkin pie cranberry was all very yummy.

Afterwards kirk and i went to his office and talked about the trip. Then we skyped Larry Poulsen so I could talk to him abt what I had actually zeen. He was quite happy that someone had actually been on the ground .  

Then kirk had to go out at 6.30 pm so i did some work on my finding Zarahemla book. the at 9 went to sleep.

Adios Mexico

14 Nov

I had a really good sleep that night probably the best id had while in Mexico. I was teady to go by 7.30. I didnt know what time Warrens flight left but I really wanted to see him before he left cause I never really knew what he thought abt me being there. 

So I had omelete and a diet coke. I wanted to lrave at 8 so I’d have enough time to get to templo Major and back before my flight left and also before tje hotels check out time. 

I waited till 8.30 but no show from Warren . so i figured that his flight must have left really  early in the morning . 

It ended  up being almost 9 by the time I left. It was a 5 km walk to Templo Major from the hotel . which should take abt an hour to walk 

So o set off. all was going well till abt half way.i got the map a bit flipped around so went in the wrong direction for ant ten minutez.then i got it workef out amd headed im the right direction . 

Tbis ate into my time so o started to walk faster to get to Templo Major .  the rest was uneventful .  I walked atound  ot really looking at thr time 

Taking  lots of photos . but when  i did look at the time i saw that I only had 1hr and 10 mins to get back to the hotel.  so I sped walk most of the way back . 

I got back at 10 to 1 .packed up my stuff handed in my key and headed to the airport . Terminal 1 was across the road from the hotel .  so i walk through the terminal looking for Delta air line I didnt gind it on the ground floor so on the way back i looked on floor 2 when i had arrivedi had landed at terminal 2 so by the time o arrived back at the door that id come in i was exhausted and it was getting close to 2 so i was starting to get worried abt missing my plane. because going throughcustoms can take ages .  .i.was amazed therewas nearly no one in the customs line. by the time i got through there was still an hour to wait before the plane left .  

Them when i was boarding the plane the strangest thing happened i could have sworn that i saw my sister in law Sharon . but maybe  i was mistaken .  

I was by the window this time so was able to take photos  during the trip. but zi mainly watched big bang theory . 

We arrived in salt lake a bit late. kirk met me at the airport . i got to his place had some tamales that Shannon had made then went to sleep . 




12 Nov

We left the hotel early amd drove  to cholua 

We were  up early as we had a long drive ahead of us  in the afternoon

 we had a choice between  Caxcala and Cholula   I choese Cholula  ss it was earlier it went  back to 0ad. were ss cacaxla only went bavl to 700sd. 

Cholula reportedly  has tbe biggest pyramid  u volume in the world.

I also hoped that i might be able to connect  to the site and get some info.

But a frustrating thing  happened early in the day I found out that i hadnt plugged  my phone into the charger properly .I tried  to conserve  the battery  as much  as possible  by not takening too many photos  but it went flat before we’d  finised touring the  site

So I didnt get as many shots of  the pyramid as i would have liked. but they are in my memory 


We walked to tbe site museum  which outlined tne sites history

 then we went to a tunnel.that archaeologists had dug through the center of the pyramid so they could work out the different layers . 

There were several descriptions in the tunnels abt what we were seeing. 

When we got  out we went to other areas around the plaza .  seeing other smaller buildings .

As we were walking back to the car there were several market stalls.  I looked at a couple. There were these cute  little  turtles so i bought 4 for the kids

 Then there was this other stall that had another turtle plus there was this plaque that had the aztec Sunstone flanked by pyramids. so it looks really cool . 

So i got then and then went to the car.then we headed on a few hour drive to morelos. Found a hotel for the night and prepared for the next day. 

The otjers went out but i stayed in the hotel and went to sleep after talking to fiona . 

Farewell Cumorah land.

11 Nov

We didn’t hear wether the roadblock had been lifted at Cerro Rabon. So Warren decided that we’d  gotten enough photos the day before.

So we headed away from Cerro Rabon. saying goodbye to the last Cumorah candidate that we were going  to look at.

We had a 5 hour drive to Puebla .  When we got there it was late in the afternoon .  Alejandro gave us a bit of a tour with it being his home town . Then dropped is off at a nice hotel.

After I was settled in i went  for a walk. I found a Burger King. got a chicken burger then came back. I saw a bakery on the way back and got a muffin.

I Talked to Fiona and pho via video call as this hotel had good wifi. then caught up on all the news from the alt right sights that I follow. Then went to sleep  .Ready for another day of exploration in the morning .

So that part of our journey comes to a close. we started our long journey back to Mexico city. We decided to go via Puebla so that Alejandros  could see his family .  I thought that we might stay at Alejandros house at first but then he started looking for a hotel for us. Im insure whose idea it was for us to stay at a Hotel. but it wouldn’t have been what I chose.

Well now that we have traveled the Length of Veracruz looking at Cumorah candidates what has we achieved and why did I feel such a compulsion such a burning need to be on this trip . Now that its nearly over I cant see any time on the trip were my being here made a crucial difference .

Now that we’ve looked at them all there are some that can be ruled out and others, where more research and time spent in the area will be needed before a final decision can be made.

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