Misantla . The place of Deer

31 Oct

We arrived in Misantla late in the day. Alejandro had some friends in town. who owned restaurants so after booking in at the hotel. we went to his friends resturant amd had dinner

 i had a prawn cocktail followed by battered fish. After the nice dinner went back to the hotel. i woke up early in the morning with excruciating stomach pains. i drank lots of water fpr the next few hours

 it was only then that i remembered the travellers advice the gov gives out to avoid raw seafood in third world countries. the water helped alot.

The previous night Alejandro had organised to meet with s local historian. Miguel .  We met Arturo Alejandros friend and we went to his fathers resturant we talked to Miguel for a few hours we had some more food fried bananas plus scrambled eggs and tortillas . 

I didnt really want to eat but felt peer pressure to do so.

After we went to Arturos house .  There we met his wife and family . he had a mandarin tree in the back yard. he offered us some and while i said no i was given one anyway I could feel my body starting to react to the amount of sugar that id eaten . the his wife Maria bought out this beutiful jelly.which i just couldn’t rrsist. i probably could have turned down a second helping but by then the addictive nature of sugar had set in so i had a second helping .  by the time that we wete leaving I could really feel the effects .  so i asked to go back to thr hotel for a siesta which turned into sleeping all night I woke at 7 inthe morning it one of the first timrs that my alarm has woken me up but i was geeling better .  

Before that wr had heafed out to a site called Paxil.

It was a post classic site about 1200ad til the conquest.

This we had planned to look at several hills in the area. Firstly Espadilla. which Larry poulsen proposes as hill shim. 

We drove around this hill and took many photos .  

Then we headed to a hill that was supposed to be called omitpetl .  but we couldnt find any local knowledge of the name. 

They mainly called it beauno vista . beutiful view and it was fr the end of the road we could see all the way to the ocean

 Arturo said that were we were at eas called the door because one hill finished and another started . Then we decided to walk to yhe top of the hill. i had been having computer problems so was inable to charge my phone so i didnt get any pics of or climb up thehill i estimate thst it took  about 2 hours to the  top and back again .  

I could see that this might be a favourable place to be cumorah there was a stream  just before the top. 

There were large boulders everywhere which could act as good ambush positions .  

Also Arturo said that the current population of the are was 100k one major city misantla plus a couple of towns and many smal community’s abt 600 people in size. so it quite able to support the numbers laid out in the Book of Mormon . 

At the night time it was a local festival and celebration  remembering those who had died in thr prior year. They have a compition for the kids who can dress up as a dead person the most prettiest .  They also have a Miss Misantla .  

But they were waving lit tobacco the smoke got too mich and i went to thr hotel them went to sleep.ready to  head off to Xalapa in the morning . 


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