28 Oct

Early the next morning we left El Mante for Naranjo. its quite a common name for places it means orange. i suppose that some one ate an orange there and decided to name the town that. the other common name for towns is based on maise. cin or sin or xin. same as oranges but corn hill plays a large part in creation mythologies around here so they could just be trying. to encourage fertility. so there crops could grow well. 

As we headed off we stopped a final time and took some pictures of Cerro Bernal . 

ALong the way to naranjo we stopped at Panico it hss been proposed as the janding site for the Jaredites barges. we walked along a peir and took pictures. 

There was a marked change in topography between Cerro Bernal and the area near Naranjo .  the larger region is called seirra de las Otonotepec . 

Larry Paulsen has suggested this area based on a Google earth search .  bit there hss never before been boots on the ground so to speek. That was our goal today to investigate the area much as possible .  

There were yhree towns that form a rough triangle each about an hour apart .  Naranjo Tepitcintla and. another town i now cant remember .  originally we had planned to go clockwise around the towns but we changed our mind and went anti clockwise instead .  

There was a horse shoe shsped bowl in the valley that was of particular interest 

 we found a road that would take us close to it but all the Rancheros we met as we travelled down the road were unfriendly so Alejandro didnt feel right about continuing . we trust his instincts so we turned back. 

FOr the sake of trying to spead up the narritive I will compress a couple of days together. 

WE were going to stay in Tepitcintla but thr yown was too small and there were no hotels.  due to Alejandros pasy associatation with Tixpan we decided to stay there.  

More abt it next time. 


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