Alejandros stories.  

28 Oct

He has told Warren and I lots of interesting stories about himself and Mexico.  

This blog post will be a work in progress it will be updated each time Alejandro tells us more stories. 

We are in Tuxpan. Alejandro has a sad but interesting tale to tell about his best friend who dissappeared in the bermuda triangle 

Alejandro and his friend Adolofi were in the merchant marines together. Adolfo was first mate on the ship that went missing. He was not supposed to be on the ship he was ment to be on vacation but another officer got sick. So he was to do one more trip to Bremen and back. Adolfo had only recently met a girl in Tuxpan. 

Over the prior 6 months Alejandro had cover for Adolfo when in Tuxpan and Adolfo had covered there shift for Alejandro when in Bremen. 

There wete 27 people on the ship when it left the City of Tuxpan.  It arrived safely in Bremen it disappeared on the way back.the estimated time of was 3 March 1987 .2 ships dissappeared that day. A hurrocane hit the area were the ships were sailing through.At 1310 a nearby ship sent out mayday but hot no response from the Tuxpan . 

The ship seemef to have survived . 

But it never arrived back in City of Tuxpan. No trace of the ship or crew were ever found.  

A statue was later errected in Tuxpan in honor of the crew.


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