Cerro Bernal

27 Oct

I really read to reread the previous days blogs so i can remember were I’m up to and not forget anything important. I’ll try to that in future.

In the morning we set off the examine our first Cumorah candidate. Cerro Bernal we  planned to circumnavigate the hill if we could taking photos from every angle.

The candiadate was proposed by Jerry Ainsworth many years ago. Jerry has written alot  about the hill and why he thinks its Cumorah. even though I think its an unlikely candidate we are trying to be unbiased and look at each possible candidate to get as much information as possible.

by the end of the day we had stopped 13 times to take photos I was given the task of using the GPS to record each time we stopped. we didn’t get to completely circumnavigate the hill but we got pretty close.

We have been doing so much traveling and seeing that I’m starting to forget. I really need to catch this blog up to the  day that i’m on instead of being two days behind.

no my mind is blank so I’ll leave it there .

but we returned to the hotel and stayed another night. setting off again inn the morning for another day of travelling

we I remember i’ll update this post by adding some of the pics that we took near the hill.

If you want any details please comment I may to able to remember more if prompted.


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