Viva La Mexico

26 Oct

I woke up early in the morning i had a shower and some buns for breakfast . At abt 7 I went back to the kitchen I was starting to get anxious as i couldn’t see any signs that Kirk was awake. But shortly after seven he appeared and we headed to the airport. we talked about many things on the way there. He gave me pens and some extra cash to give to Alejandro.

After saying goodbye to Kirk I went and  go some snacks and a drink from the vending machine.when I got to customs they made me throw out my snacks and drink . They also threw away my toothpaste because it was 10gs over the limit.

not impressed with the customs people at SLC Airport. so got some more snacks in the boarding area then waited for my flight.

Got to mexico abt 3 in the afternoon.  found out that my plane landed at terminal 2 and my Hotel was near terminal 1. It would have taken me an hour to walk between the two terminals so i caught a taxi.

Took several pics on the drive to the other side of the airport. I was nervous to be in a non English speaking country. It took me a while to work out were the hotel was.There was also a major freeway out the front an no obvious way to get across it. found that there were occasionally  overhead crossings  there was one to a fancy hotel that was next to mine.  It is a small Hotel that looks like most of the people who normally use it are Mexican truckers.
hospedale Aeroporto , So I unpacked did some washing ad hoped that it would be dry by the morning.
Then went out for an evening walk I saw a Mcdonalds and went and ordered some dinner. it was only then that I realized my bank card was back at the hotel.I didn’t want to have to cross over the road and then back again to get to the hotel But I couldn’t work it out so back tracked and crossed at the fancy hotel.
When I got back I didn’t know whether i could be bothered going back out again. but i decided to anyway with my bank card this time. So this time I followed the road in the opposite direction  Found that there was a closer way way to cross the freeway so i walked down to Mcdonalds got my stuff and came back again.

Going to sleep that night I was really Nervous I would Meet  Warren in the morning. This was supposed to be his trip and I’d kinda gatecrashed it. but I felt that I really needed to be here for some reason that only the Lord Knows. A million thoughts racing through my head would he be annoyed with me ,would he hate me, ect, ect.
Warren is a bit of a personal hero of mine. He is an Aussie whos been able to make a big contribution to Book of Mormon studies while still being on the other side of the world Ive always thought that if he can do it so can I in a small if limited way.It was his talk to my ward back in the mid 80’s that got me interested in Book of Mormon archaeology. Its always nervous when it comes to meeting a personal hero because they are never what you have built them up in your mind to be.



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