The Road to El Mante

26 Oct

Alejandro was set to meet us with the hire car at 10am. so at 9:3  I headed down to the main office to hand in my key. I also thought that i might get the chance to meet up with Warren. Waiting in the office is another man. I waited about a minute before asking if him if he was Warren Aston. He said that he was.

I told him that i was going on the trip with Alejandro with him. I had before assumed that he’d been told that i was coming down. but nope was a total surprise to him.

So I introduced myself telling him how i ended up in Mexico.

then we waited for Alejandro to turn up.due the place being hard to find it took Alejandro a while to find us. But when he did we loaded our bags into the car and headed off.

The day was to be our longest driving day . abt a 9 hr drive to El Mante.. There is this mountain chain that parallels the coast.

So it was hour after hour of the same thing. It seems that there are a series of connecting plains and valleys.

We stopped for lunch at resturante Santiago. Its a pretty popular place. its unique as the people who cook your food are out in the open . On this trip Im sticking to pretty plain fare as I dont want to end up sending most of my time on the toilet..SO i had a simple chicken noodle soup and some tortillas.

Alejandro is a great guy he regales us with many different experiences that he has been through.

If I understand it right he was in Mexico city when lots of UFOs descended on the city. thousands of people saw them. he has also had other experiences seeing UFOs.which he told us about as well. I don’t think it is my right to tell his stories over the internet so I will just leave it at that out of respect.

Warren also shared about many of the adventures that he had been on.

Finally just after dark we arrived at El Mante. Alejandro had the hotels address but it turned out not to be a viable option so we headed to somewhere else instead. but we did find another nice place were we stayed for the next two days .

We were all really tired from the long drive so we separated to our rooms and went to sleep.


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