Salt Lake

25 Oct

I arrived in Salt Lake early in the morning. but it was only after id’d arrived that I realized that Id used most of my phone battery reading on the plane . So didn’t get many photos of Salt Lake City.

SO i called Kirk when I arrived. I talked to his wife Shannon. we organised for her to pick me up at 12. so I could have a few hours walking around Salt lake.

My main reason for wanting to come Salt lake was that I want to set in motion a possible future research project.

There was a free shuttle bus to salt lake temple. but I had just missed it. so I played some Pokemon go then went to the toilet the I went to the shuttle bus it was only when I saw the bus coming that I realized that I’d left my walking stick in the bathroom so i went back there hoping that I would be able to get back to the bus in time. . My walking stick was gone from the toilet but I saw a cleaner and asked if he knew were my walking stick might be. He found out where it was and was able to quickly take me to it. So by then I had 5 mins to get back to the bus . I tried my hardest but couldn’t get back there in time.

As I was looking around I saw a train come in. so  I hopped on the train and caught it to Temple Square. I headed immediately to the Church history museum. I went through and saw the current display. I found the artifact that I had come to see but was dismayed to find that the artifact had had its base replaced.cause the base was essential to my future research project . with out it there would not be much that I could do.

So I went through the rest of the museum. The only other artifact that stood out was the Joseph Smith death mask. it was eerie to look at the face of the prophet.  It gave me shivers it was like he was looking into my soul. it was very  nerve racking . made me wonder what he would think if he was judging my soul  would he find it acceptable.

So after I had completed the tour of the museum I went .and talked to the sister missionary  at the front counter. I told her that I would like to know more about the artifact. telling her i had a project in mind if i could get access to the artifact. She called the museums curator I asked him about the new floor on the artifact . he explained that the old floor was so degraded that it needed to be protected. they had protected it.

I outlined the research project that I wanted to conduct. He was interested in the project he found it fascinating. He would do all he could to facilitate me being able to carry out my research project.. He gave me his business card so I could email him the outline of my project.I left the museum happy that I might be able to carry out my project.

I then walked around temple Square looking at all the things that i had only previously seen on TV. I went to go into the tabernacle but it was locked there was some musical practice going on. So I continued my walk around  Temple Square. There was a wedding out the front of the temple taking photos I ducked behind them.

I was looking for the entrance to the temple but couldn’t work out which door was the entrance. I sat on a bench and meditated and prayed for a bit. Then got up and continued walking. I went back too the church history museum as I remembered seeing a plug there I needed to charge my phone so I could call sister Maglby. I didn’t know her name at this time. .

Asked the sister missionary at the front desk if i could use the power point. She agreed. So I plugged my phone in. I called Sister Magelby and  we organised for her to pick me up out the front of the Museum. I had a look at the pioneer cottage while I waited.
On the Drive to the Maglbys  Shannon I now  knew her name pointed out several prominent places about Salt lake. I my phone had been charged I would have been   taking dozens of Photos. so annoyed at my self that. In case you cant tell.

we broke the ice talked about each others families. her mom owned a cabin up at mount timpanogus so we went for a drive up the canyon. then on the way back we drove past the mount timpanogus temple which is not that far from the magelbys house,. when I go back I’ll go to that temple would like to walk there.

I arrived at the house . Shannon made me a sandwich ham cheese and mustard. which my sensitive stomach regretted later. she showed me to my room. . Kirk came home we went down to his office and talked for a bit we skyped ALejandro. just to make sure that everything was ok that he was able to fit me into the schedule.
I went  to lie down for a bit . I woke up 4 hrs later. I went and had some dinner then went back to sleep. I needed to be at the Airport by 8 in the morning so set an alarm,

That was a long one I hope that you enjoyed it though,


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