Sleeping rough in LA. 

24 Oct

The last flight ti Salt lake city left LA at 8 pm . My plane got in at 7.4o. Pm. So not a chance of catching it. Due to having to go through customs and such. 

The next flight to Salt Lake  City left at 6am. 

So I had an 8 hr layover.i hadnt thought to book a hotel .and when i looked i realised they were all too expensive for the limited funds that I had. 

So I was resigned to sleeping at the Airport for the night. I walked around and found an area were several other people were doing the same thing.

Later i tealised that it was the only public powerpoint. I was afriad i might not be able to charge my phone but there it was provided to me. So I plugged my phone in an let it charge and went to sleep for abt 2.5 hrs. Then the night cleaning  crew came round and sleeping go harder. 

I would drift off and then there banging and clanging would wake me up again. So my sleep was fitfull from that time on. At abt 4am the others started to get there stiff togethe and leave. 

I forgot to mention that a nice man from Delta airlines came at some point inthe night and gave us all airplane blankets and pillows to use. My laptop bag makes a good enough pillow but it was nice to have something more. 

After the last round of earing airplane food with my sensitivr stomach i hadn’t eaten anything since. 

So i bought some diet coke. When looking for something else i saw something you’d nebrr see in Oz maple bacon flavored chips. I was expecting then to be horrible but they were too bad

So i got on the plabe and headed to Salt lake city. 

As it was a smaller plane i could see out the window this time. So i got a nice picture.  

I read my scriptturws and did some rrseach on the fligjt. Which meant that my phone was nearly flat by the time i got to salt lake. Which i wish it hadnt been cause there were so many photos i would have liked to have taken. But I’ll tell you dear readers about that another day.


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