Setting out on a New Adventure. 

23 Oct

Well this happened rather fast. On  the 14th . I skyped my boss kirk to clarify some of what i was writing for book of mormon central. At the end of the call he mentioned that fellow Aussie Warren Ashton was heading down to Mexico to look at hill Cumorah candidates.  I remember at the time thinking that it was probably months away. 

Iater that night i got the overwhelming feeling from the spirit that i should go on the trip. I sent a message back to Kirk that i felt i should go. He said that if i wanted to go he could make it happen.  He the outlined that warren was leaving the next week end. 

But i really felt that i should go. So used my remaining savings and started looking for flights to salt lake city. 

It was 150 dollars cheaper to fly through china than to fly direct to the us. 

So i figured I’d do it that way it just adds to the adventure right.  

I feel that i must have been ment to go because everthing kust fell in place so quickly. 

Fiona had mostly finished dismantling the hydroponics farm. Jodi would be able to look after the kids if needs be. 

Fiona and i left early on the 20th. We were thinking of leaving on the 19th but fiona got back late from her latest trip to the hydroponics farm . So was too tired that night. It ment getting up at 4 in the morning. 

The drive was eventful but I won’t go into that on a public blog. 

A 9 hour flight to Gongshou China. With my sensitivr stomach i was tossing up even beforw i got on the plane weter to eat. But when they bought the food around it smelled so nice that i ate the food. But i regretted it later.  Followed by a 4 hour layover.  I lay down on the carpet and slept for 2 hours.  

Will tell the rest at another time


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