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Youtube broadcast coming in the future. 

21 Jul

I have been thinking of doing youtube for a while now . Ive started to set up a channel to achieve it. I’ll go live once that is done and start posting videos every couple of days or so. I plan to focus on 4 themes. Philosophy, Aussie history,Ecomonics and last days /endtimes stuff. Hope you all like it. 

I will publish a essay here that the youtube broadcast will be based on. 

Green Electioneering and other stuff.

1 Jul

Before this election I was always a closet protesters and greens supporter I would work behind the scenes. I didn’t want the world to know my beliefs. I was afraid that they would judge me for supporting the greens and progressive politics in general. the church that I belong to I quite conservative now and I thought that coming out as a greens might affect my standing in the church. But having talked to various leaders and had my fears assuaged  then I felt OK about actively supporting the Greens.

The second reason was that I was going for a compensation payment and the lawyers recommended that I have too public a presence as it might hurt my chances of having a successful outcome to my compensation claim.

For the last month i have been actively campaigning for the Greens. The first thing i did was hold a stall at the local markets. I was really nervous this was my first outing proclaiming that i was a green in a conservative area. There was mostly a positive outcome. I had a couple of people shout abuse at me one calling me a fascist commie . I was more nervous about possible seeing anyone that I know . which I didn’t.

A few weeks I had the chance to be interviewed by the local tv station but didn’t due to the same fear that was/is stopping me from being more outgoing. Fiona however did get interviewed. It was broadcast far and wide with many people commenting on how well she did.
I wanted to do other things to promote the greens like door knocking or calling people on the phone but the fear was always there preventing me from following through with what I planned.
As the weeks have gotten closer to the day of the election I panicked that I haven’t  been doing enough. so did what I considered would be the least threatening thing. I decided to stand with a greens sign at the major intersection in town.

This has been quite encouraging . lots of people have waved and given me signs of encouragement. At first when I saw people that I knew from church or other community groups.  I was nervous but they happily waved at me .

Then I decided to do the thing that would confront my fears the most and that was to stand out side the prepoll booth. where i might have to talk to those who oppose the greens and be seen by others in town.

It turned out to be not as scary as I first imagined.  The people from the other pafrom rties are generally nice . I’ve had lots of positive encouragement from the younger generation.

So tomorrow is election day Fiona and i have been coordinating getting materials out to those who will be manning various booths around the region,

Fiona and I have booths of our own to manage. I’ll be heading to Warwick West.
The long grind is almost over. I know that it is unlikely that we will win in this seat but if we can increase out percentage of voters from last time then that will be progress.

I just hop that the younger generation that seems so keen on the greens at the moment remember that when they get older and don’t succumb to the pressure fro the older generation and continue to vote conservative.

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