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Plan for change event.

9 Jun

This was an event that i went to in November it had lots of inspiring stories

Face of s student movement. Students who are being deemed as no longer being refugees. Being taken out of there schools at short notice and wisked off to detention centers.

Rohinga muslim. Mohummed
Tells his story. In 2012 the buddhists governnent attacked an burned his villiage so he had to flee for his life. Were trying to go malaysia were they had some friends. He became seperated from his family. He asked a shop keeper for help. The shop keeper attacked him for being a muslim. He ran away and meet up with another group that was fleeing. They made there way to indonesia. They started to make a life for tnem selfs till the miltary show up and started to randomly kill people in the shanty town. He fled again. Some one grabbed him and put him on a fishing boat. He worked on the boat for 1.5 years. The military captured theem again and put them in a camp. He organised all the rohinga in the camp. Stole a boat from a fisherman and headed away from indonesia. Ended up on christmas island.
He made it before the change in policy. He told his family not to come because of the change in policy. They came anyway there boat was intercepted and turned back. Doesnt know what happened to them.
He uses an an example when questioned if the lion is chasing you what do you do. You run. What tree do you climb the tallest.

Human rights lawyer.
A small group of commited people can make a change.
Just been before the human rights commison. Was there on monday for australia being judged by the un.
The minister didnt attend. Was left to the beurocrats. The minister for people smuggling. Spoke and was untterly perplexing. Full of lies and hyperbole. Boasted to the lawyer that he hadnt prepared before hand. The un was very concerned. 140 nations turned up to judge us. 4 years ago only 53 delagates turned up.
Advocating for a bill of rights we are at a critical point in history.
Advocating for a human rights act for qld.

Just come back from talking to the pm. Need to change the discourse.
Lots of people are now wanting to know why these people keep coming. He is even being asked this by people who normally hate him.
Leader of the 9 churches council. People are starting to change .

Sarah hansen young
Its is important that reugesz share there stories.
Its why she goes to detention centers is to hear the stories of the refugess and the staff.
Unlike the staff she can raise concerns. They are liable. Can loose there jobs and go to jail.
Whistle blowers have been invrediblby important. We wouldnt know what was happening with out them.
It is onthe equator. In an old mine guano mine.
Everyone is given 2 minutes to have a shower. It doesnt matter if you are a single person or a family. When you 2mins is up thats it.

She approched scot morisen at the time. To give him the chance to be a decent human being and adress the problem with out embarrassing the gov. Weeks and months went by. And nothing happened. So she went to the media. She was called a liar but has been vindicated by the independent commission.
There is an option c. The main partiez are saying that there is only option a and b. Option c is ensuring there is a safe means for refugess. We need to smash the people smuggler model. Captialist are good at undercutting and destroying other bussi ess lets do that to the people smugglers.
Andrew jackson.
Former abbot supporter.
Participated in the go back to where you came from show. Had a change of heart after participting in the show.
Voted for lnp to stop the boats.
He says that the problem is that they dont want to think about it. He used to make up excuses for not beliving in what the refugesz are saying.
Mind set is that x politican is dealing with it so i dont have to.
It wasnt until. He met and talked with refugess. That he changedchis mind. He met an athiest coffee maker fleeing from syria. Was the biggest eye opener. He talked about to him about heavy metal and the latest movies for two hours.

QandA section
How to get the media involved
Get the gov to change the law. Write letters to the editor.

How to get the people out of manus and nauru. It will probably change
Once the 12k from syria come. People will start to question. Why they are in detention when these people are ok.
The immigration department. Lied to mojgan . Told her that they needed to see her to give her her visa. Her brother a few days before her brother was dragged away when they came to give him his “visa”
So she was scared that the same thing would happen to her. She tried to avoid them but they grabbed her when she was leaving school. Her husband told the story of what happened.

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