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Day 2 Dos Pilas

26 May

Publishing more from this years maya meeting.

David stuart.
Hieroglyphic stairway of dos pilas.
Called the petexbatun or the pasion region
Focusing on the region because there has been a lot of new information coming out on the region. First time that its all been collected at the same place.
Focusing today on dos pilas. Because of the unique aspect of stairways at dos pilas. Probably only get through one staircase today. Swampy area. Lots of sites located on an escarpment.
Dos pilas discovered in the 1950s.
Jaguar hunter from sayache. Shot a jaguar followed the bllod trail and found the main plaza of dos pilas.
Picture of monument.
Photo from 1976 of stair. Not inscribed
Main plaza has inscibed steps mainly fisrt 6 steps.
Dos pilas excavated during the cival war quite a difficult time.
4 hieroglyphic stairways. 4th was discovered in 1990s.
Stairway was discovered by chance. . Terminal classic wall had collapse over the top of the stairway.
When dig up. First glyphs were reference to tikal and caracol.
Dos pilas help to explain larger political movement.
Get more political details from smaller sites. Broad political details from big sites
Hieroglyphic starway 2.
Refer list of datez.
From hs 2 is divided into 3 parts each consisting of 6 steps.
Hs 4 had 5 steps.
L5 49 largest structure. Hs 2. Three shrine like structures on top each had a panel. Cosmological texts.
Hs 2 had flanking panels.
Discovery of hs 2 is complicated. Sitting out in the open. Cleaned and drawn. By ian graham. Published his results was a roving photographer. Tulane. Was going to publish a second book focusing on dos pilas. But was diverted to the maya corpus project. Ian only photo graphed what was on thhe surface.
Tree fell over in dos pilas 2000. Discovered more steps.
So the drawing of the steps was donr by diffetent groups some are better than others. Some over interpret others under interpret.
Need a more balanced approach.
Some blocks on the stair case are missing.
The stairway was built at different times . Stairways were frequently modified. By the ancient maya
Most evient at la corona.
Maya architects were always remodeling each generation needed to express its self through the buildings.
Hs2 not all in one style. Two different periods and artists.
Grahams are still some of the best drawings and photos. Invaluable as steps are being looted
Still mostly unexcavated.
Going to stsrt looking at the text in the center section
The part discovered in2001.
Inital drawings have some mistakes . Will point them out.
Narrative design of the steps is fascinating. Its a poetic design. It had to do with narrative and politics.
Maya were big into spectical. One stairways was abandoned halfway through making it.
There is a shift in ruler 2 from dos pilas to agua teca. Might explain why the stairwAay was unfinished.
Hs are unique to the maya. Rather unusal . In global cultures.
Hs were carved insitu.
Numeration system not consistent.
Start with central section.
U ti ya it came to pass. It happened in the past.
Half period glyph.
Lam. Submerges almost always refers to a half kaktun.
Very few dates fall on 2 ahau.march 623.
Hs tend to open with a dn. From date 1 to establish date 2. Preamble to establish chronolgy
Orintating reader.
C2 profile of g1 acting as a focus marker. Starts off dedicatatory sequence. Here or this. Alay. Based on To exist.
G2 royal name balah chan kawil.
Baj to hammer. Complicated sign took a while to understand .
Stone on flint. Ba. To hammer. Outlined in mark zenders paper. La is An affect verb. Poetic name to hammer the sky kawil. Holy lord who carries the title. Under spelling is common. As the people know who he is.
Text and image can overlap.
Bajla chan kawil is the father of lady 6 sky. Her monument is an example of recarving. Its large beautiful sculpture.
Step 2. Partiallyy eroded. Start in the middle.
Ahau. Day can only happen on 3 and 8.
1 ahau 8 kayab. Using 10th katun to establish a chronolgy.

10 lamat 16 xul. Basis of the calculation is going back. 10.12.
In place of utiya there is utoma it will happen instead of it happened.
Hu li to arrive. Its a logo gram.hul is a foot print. To arrive.
Who arrives. From what place. F1 could be a place name. Eroded so hard to make out.
Bala chan kawil is about 10 when he arrives.
Stair cases are by defination symbols of movement.
Panels flank the stair case have some good content but they are heavily eroded. Talking about the crowning of the king of calakmul. Ba chan kawil was there.
The other panel is heavily eroded but what is left is significant. Has a parentage statement. Has the fathers name found in tikal
Muwan. Two people who have he same father who is a king of tikal. Balaj chan kawil.
Step 3.
2 ahau 13 pax. Period ending.
7 caban 10 xul.
11 hear. C1 yax pik 3 katun ending period glyph.
Kal. Binding or lifting. Most common use in relation to the white headband binding. Not happening here. Probably a youth iniation.
F1. Designation for bala chan kawil. Very rare. Supernatural in nature. Winikil. Relation to a certian class of supernatural. Assuming the embodyment of the supernatural. All maya kings have a super natural counterpart.
Gist of it is that its his first ritual as that entity.
Step 4. 9.10. 2.2.19. Scibal error. Or possible the steps are mixed up. Or the narritive is jumping a round. A year before the ascession date. We cant know just have to work it out the best we can. His inauguration date is ambiguous. Step 3 statement is the closet. To king inauguration. Dospilas commerates birth days not ascession dates
F1 departing a place to go somewhere. Central section of the stairway is ambiguous.
Step 5
Two steps were the maths is garbled. 4 muluc 2 mac.
E1 cleaved head figure. F1 pitz ball playing
Only writinng system that doesnt correct errors.
Other sections of the stairwAys were built later.

Step 6 is a later addition to integrate the section into a larger composition.
Date recorded on this is 35 years later than the first steps.
Bala chan kawil. Had an interesting life story. Stair ways like chapters of his life.

Choch kitan. North east close to belize same linr as san bartolo.

Each step has two dates base and lessor dates.
East section. Different artist. More info. Step 1 is missing part.
When they remodled they kept the retorical nature of the first steps 6 ahau 13 mac. 4 muluc 3 cumku. 4 days later than first date
D1 cham he dies.. Not all skulls are the same semi fleshed and skull. Used to lump them together now realise that there is differentiation.
D2 specifies the place where he died not common amongst the maya.
Sakhaal. Place and person we cant place.
Ba chan kawil abt 23 when this happens.
E1 assemblage of syllabic signs.
Ta ba chuk.
F1. Could be subject of the death.
Kab jiy. He oversees it. That persons work or responsibility. The route is the noun to earth overseeing and cultivating the earth. It seens balaj chan kawil. Is overseeing the person who died. Wether he was responsible for the death is ambigious. He is from tikal or dos pilas.
All the steps to go together as a narrative.
Step 2 abt 3 years later than the last step. 1 cuac 17muan 12 ahau 8 ceh.
At least 3 different verbs with places and people’s.
Shell star verb is reffering to war.verb followed by weapons or place.
Wing shell serpent/dragon. Ancient name of dos pilas. Dos pilas is the victum of a military attack. Next glyphs tell the name of who attacked.holy lord of kanul. Yuknoom chen. Eye ball. Bones in blackness.
Yuknoom. Is important weilds lots of power sets up alliances through marriage and conquest. Sites that for a neat line. Closing off access to tikal.
Precolumbrian trade routes. Possible basis for modern routes.
. E2. Tab. To go up. Always appears in relation to people. He leaves and goes up to a place. Kinich pa a witz. Solar radience cracked hill. A crack literaly runs though the site. Agua teka.
Leader admtting defeat in a monument is a rare accurance.
Gets more interesting
Step 3.
Highlighted date 12 ahau 8 ceh 6 ix 2 kayab.
Some thing is the head of chak. Yuknoom chen defeats tikal king flees. And goes.
E2 nu ?ja. Its a verb cant read the middle sign
Need the context to be able to decpher the signs. The lords of tikal are doing something its what they are doing that needs to be deciphered.
Step 4.
First part is heavily eroded probly starts with a date. Discussing fire claw from kanul.
Tikal lord and dospilas lord. Were at yaxha. What ever is happening involves yaxha.
Step 5 involvez military engagements and conquest. 9 cuac 17 yax kin.
Bala chan kawil is the subject. Defeahs lord of coban and lord of jaguar.
Torch macaw. Unkown what it is but different kings guard or warch it.
Step 6 the beginning of the turn around of the fortunes of bala chan kawil.
West stair way
Step 1. Date 4 akbal 11 muwan.
Dos pilas get defeated again by tikal. Possibly by the brother of bala can kawil. Goes to chak na. Like to record strategic retrats
91 days after the defeat of dos pilas. Two cities are burned. Another reference to conquest. Another war.
Bala chan kawil flees again to hix witz.
Step 3. Measuring everything from the defeat of dospilas.. exhiled king of tikal is at pulil then goez to. Unknown place. After this bala chan kawil returns to dos pilas. 9 akbal 6 yaxkin.
Step 4.
23 days before tun ending.
Defeat of tikal. Pool is there blood mountain of thier skulls. Final comeuppance of tikal by bala chan kawil. 13 divisions political terms. Mass execution. Chich or kik blood. Glyph for blood basis day signs.
Step 5 as a conequence we have a shift in topic. this period ending. Something important happens. He dances. The one who dances is yuknoom chan of kanul. Along with bala chan kawil. They dance together.
2 years later. Reach 2 ik. 3rd katun anniversary of his birtjhday.
Step 6. Bala chan kawil marries a woman from itzan nearby local site.
Then talks abt a son . Initiation ceremony. Possible looping it back to the biography of bala chan kawil.
Conclusion. One loose end that dave didnt get to . Central stair case step 6 calendar round date. 6 chichan 18 muan. Its 30 years later. Integrate there new stairway into the old one.. more patterns in the overall stair case. Early bio. Intentional design to divide his life into 3 sections. Early life wars and defeats. One section emphasies calakmul as enemy.then tikal as enemy. The three stair csse represents the 3 katuns of his life. Each one with its particular features. The dancing is so off topic that its really stands out. Is possible.the central focus of the stair way.
On the day that they are dancing they dedicate the stairway on the day.
Hs 4 is the cliff notes version of hs2.
Bala chan is an ally of the king of kanul. Possible gives the name of the guy mentioned in hs2 that was defeated. Lam kawil.
Defeated. Then tikal was defeated. Step 1 has a date that is the birth date of bala chan kawil. He dances on his 3 katun . Two years after they possible add a step at the top.
The steps are very broad and substanual. The dancing seems out of place. Stairways carved insitu. Steps not just for walking. Probaly also used as a stage for dancing on. Stages for performance. Re inactieng important events. Steps are sort of like subtitles for the performance.
Celebration of a king who was caught inthe middle of largers geo politival events. Also 3 acts.
Original 5 steps are not meant for performance. When remodeled added originals steps to the larger narative.last date of the narrative is the ascessiin date of the next king.
Hs 2 and 4. Hs 4 waz meant for the royal residence.

A lots of grammatical parrelism amongst the steps. But each step is a descretw unit.
Embodyment of history in stone.
Larger pyramid is a embodyment of larger creation narrative. Triadic.

Book of Mormon Central

19 May

Been creating lots of empty pages for  the site . I will slowly be adding content to the empty pages that I have made. I hope that I haven’t missed any possible locations that are mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
I love this work it is my dream job come true. I hope that in the future that i might actually get paid for it.
I have a 3 year plan for content to add too the site. I also plan to collate the content that I’m adding in to three books.
I have found that for the bible there are three main resources that i use to understand what is happening. A gazetteer, A concordance  and a biographical dictionary. However when I looked to see wether such resources existed for the Book of Mormon I didn’t find any. I waited a while to see wether someone else was going to do it, But it seems that no one else is going to do it so I have to do it myself. Through the research i have done I will also be creating a 4th book. focusing specifically on The city of Zarahemla. I hope to do for Zarahemla what David Palmer did for Cumorah.

Book 1 Book of Mormon gazetteer. This is the book that I have worked the most on and is the closest to completion. Taking all the geographical locations and creating entries that outline everything that is known about them. Easier for the old world than the new.

Book 2 Finding Zarahemla. has been an out growth of my research on Zarahemla for the Gazetteer. Its is about developing a set of criteria taken from the text of the Book of Mormon. then I will take all the existing Zarahemla candidates and compare them to the criteria list to see which is the best fit.

Book 3 Book of Mormon Concordance. using  the  1828 websters dictionary to start creating an entry for each word in text of the Book of Mormon. When I gt more money and can pay for access to the early modern english dictionary then i will update each entry to reflect the earlier usage which according to skousen is the most likely usage for the book of Mormon

Book 4 . Book of Mormon Biographical Dictionary. havent started yet will probably what I do in three years time. Taking all the people mentioned in the  Book  of Mormon and creating entries for each of them outlining everything that is know about the person

Book 4 . Book of Mormon Biographical Dictionary. havent started yet will probably what I do in three years time. Taking all the people mentioned in the  Book  of Mormon and creating entries for each of them outlining everything that is know about the person


. I plan to charge $20 a book plus postage. I have yet to decide exactly how the books will be published wether to use a local printer and then ship them my self or to go through Koffard books or a similar Utah publisher  like I have seen others producing these type of books do.

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