Politics and other stuff.

8 Apr

Well it now the begging of April . Were has the time gone. I should really blog more regularly.
I have been avidly following American politic hoping that Bernie Sanders will get the Democratic party nomination.With each state that he wins i count down in anxious anticipation till the next vote praying and hoping that he wins enough delegates to get the nomination.
If he doesn’t win I hope that trump does. I just want someone to be American President that isn’t beholden too the current system. If trump wins then the systes will probably implode and hopefully something better can be created from the ashed of the old system.

For Australian politics it looks like we’ll be heading to an early election on July 2. I really hope so. The current mob are a joke and need to be kicked out. I will be getting more involved with the Greens I am going to training this week end on how to run a campaign.

I’m also excited as I’ll hopefully be meeting the new Greens Leader Richard Di Natale. I’ll post a photo of me with him to my facebook profile. I would love to get a pic with Bob Brown but i fear that i have missed my chance of getting one.

I am also continuing my writing.  I am volunteering with Bookof mormon central with the hope of getting a paid position in the near future.
Things are looking up and going well I hope and pray that my life continues on a positive trajectory.


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